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Raynaud's colour change only, no pain

I was told I had Raynaud's at the age of 15, I have all ways been an outdoors type person. For a living I am a postman, my hands only change colour at times (I have noticed is has been getting worse lately) I never get any pain in my hands. Is there any thing I can do apart from wear gloves to hide the colour change? In the winter time I could get away without wearing gloves as my hand feel ok to me, it is more to stop people asking why my hands go a funny colour.

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Hi Adam

There is nothing that I know of to hide the colour change. As you are aware temperature change causes the problem. When you say no pain do you mean you get no sensation of numbness?

I cartainly know pain in the winter time and always wear gloves.

Other than this there in nothing I know of. Maybe someone else can help us both.


I think the only thing you can do to try and avoid the colour change is to try and keep your hands warm - as Roscoe says it is temperature change that triggers the attack. Have you tried handwarmers in your gloves or pockets? You are lucky you have no pain or numbness - when it is warm weather and I have an attack then I get the colour changes and numbness. When it is cold weather I get the colour changes, numbness and pain as well. The colder it is the worse the pain is. You could also try heated gloves - they would be ideal for you in your job. People I work with are used to my hands now - before I was properly diagnosed I went to a networking event away from the office. I had to get a taxi back and it was very late and I was freezing. My hands were really bad when I got back to the office - they were totally white and looked like wax. I had no proper sensation yet they were hurting like mad (very hard to describe the two which seem to contradict each other!!). I had to stick them in front of a heater to get them working again. I got a little audience in the office coming to look at them because they looked so freaky. I get quite embarrassed by them sometimes but I also know that if they are playing up that I should have my gloves on to avoid an attack!!


i agree with emma2 about being lucky with having no pain or numbness, i still wear gloves in the summer, u get questions but it doesn't bother me any more,wot about wearing layers of clothing to keep warm.


Well the thing is I don't feel the cold, I wear shorts in summer. Only work in a short sleave shirt when other people still wear thick coats in early spring. My hand just go a yucky blue/orange tone. in the summer people think I have just got sun burnt hands.


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