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Electric shock type pain.charcot marie tooth

Hi I'm diagnosed as having chariot marie tooth disease and peripheral neuropathy. I suffer terrible electric shock type pains when resting or in bed. These usually begin in my soles of feet. Feelining like a cattle prod is being forced through my skin , sending a shock right through me. This gives me scary palpertations too. Anyone else experience similar

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Hi Maz, what you are experiencing is typical of peripheral neuropathy. The nerves become damaged and they start firing off messages left right and centre. I am not sure whether in this community there are many people who would understand your experience as most of us will predominantly have Scleroderma or variations of that condition. If you go on 'browse communities' you will see that there is one for Charcot Marie Tooth UK and I am sure there will be plenty of people who will empathise and be able to provide support and advice for you.

All my best

Lucy xxx


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