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Blood splinters

Hey guys!

I hope your all okay, just a quick one... does anyone get blood splinters under the finger nails ..? I’ve had them ever since I developed Raynauds/scleroderma. They develop on all digits and seem to come on more so when I have the palpitations and shortness of breath. Just wondering if there is a connection between the palpitations and splinters or it’s due to the Raynauds?

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Thank you kenzie210866

I had them just before Christmas with the palpitations and I was sent into hospital with suspected Endocarditis. My ultrasound showed no Endocarditis but fluid around my right ventricle - still waiting to have this followed up. I have an appointment with my Dr tomorrow who is fab !!! So I’ll mention it to him then ... thank you xx


What are blood splinters and what do they look like? Photo please

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Google: "splinter hemorrhages"


I have had them occasionally, never before I got ill. Usually have one on a nail somewhere!

No idea why they appear!


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