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Bloods suggestive of lupus

Hello 😊

My recent blood have come back suggestive of lupus and to be repeated in three months.

I'm struggling with fatigue in work and my personal life. My job is stressful as I work in gynaecology as a clinical co-ordinator and I'm extremely tired by 1 or 2pm, I get home cook dinner and I'm in bed by 7-8pm and sleep until 7am and still feel awful.

I have requested to change my hours from either 7am-3pm or 8am-4pm but they weren't that keen. If I disclose my possible diagnosis do you feel they would be likely to support me or care more?

Thank you

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Have you got a proper diagnosis now? I think if you do then they have to try and help make you more comfortable as it's classed as a disability!

Going off my experience, work have been very helping and understanding! But I imagine other places might be different!


Oh is it? I didn't know lupus was.. well my tests have come back suggestive of it and to be repeated in 3 months. It does run in the family.

I just feel so tired no matter how much sleep and rest I get. My joints hurt so much too.

I suppose all I can do is ask...

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I'm sure it is, I can't see it not being if scleroderma is! Since I saw occupational health work have been a lot more tolerant of me, maybe speak to hr and ask them about doing the same? They're the ones who put me down as disabled!

I feel you though, I'm going through the exact same thing at the moment, I feel almost empty I'm that tired, it's making me more snappy too!! Hoping the new house will beat it out of me as I really don't want to take the tablets I've been given!

I've just realised this isn't messenger haha


I think people with your skill and care are needed a lot and I think if u showed them ur results they would help and understand it's you that needs help so u can keep helping others that's what I would think happen anyway ..


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