Anyone with Raynaud's get this happen?

Anyone with Raynaud's get this happen?

Am not sure if this is related to my Raynaud's but when I stand after 5 minutes my knees start to turn red and white freckle type spots under the skin appear I have tried to show it in a photo although the red didn't show that good.Just want to know if this is all part of poor circulation as I have Raynaud's very bad in my toes they are always ice cold and they turn purple when I sit down but go back to normal colour when I stand yet standing causes legs to change colour i also get tinglingly in lower legs.I'm new to all this but symptoms have been going on for a year.Just wondering if anyone also gets this.

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  • Yes I get this too on my knees and my feet and ankles sometimes as well. My previous rheumatologist called it Livedo Reticularis. I don't know if it goes with Raynauds but it can certainly go with APS/ Hughes Syndrome (sticky blood) and is common with Lupus and Sjögren's. But I think it might also be quite a common thing even without any underlying disease - especially in younger people.

  • I'm the same as Twitchy, and it's connected to my Raynauds. My knees are particularly mottled by Livido Retilcularis, though I don't think they are the coldest part of me usually. It doesn't cause any problems - my hands knees and nose suffer the most.

  • Thankyou for your responses it really helps as I'm so new to all the different symptoms and I get really worried at times.Thankyou again and all the very best.

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