Positive ANA randomly changed to negative ANA after years

After a few years worth of blood results my positive ANA and ANF factor has randomly changed to negative, does anyone know what can cause this or what it means?

I still have been given the diagnosis of undifferentiated connective tissue disease with reynauds, sicca and polyarthralgia and I've been referred to an opthamologist to check for cogans syndrome and gastroenterology for a re occurring issue with reflux.

I have still been scheduled an appointment for a capillaroscopy too.

But my concern is that I won't be taken seriously now my ANA has randomly changed to negative, are ANA's specific to scleroderma or just auto immune diseases in general?

Is everything I'm dealing with still auto immune related now my ANF is negative?

I feel relieved but also concerned and confused!!

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  • My daughter had positive ana for years but last year it became negative- she was on treatment with steroids at the time and I wonder if that altered her results. Blood tests are not always reliable in autoimmune conditions and the rheumatologist will go on clinical picture as well.

  • A positive ANA is not specific to SSc, ANAs are present in numerous autoimmune conditions as well as in some infections. Do you know what the actual results have been? If the positive test were run by IFA (method of testing) and the recent test was done by ELISA, there is a high probability that the negative result was a false negative. Also, different labs use different reference ranges so that if you positive results happen to have been low or borderline positives another lab might consider them to be negative. Most important to know is that systemic sclerosis is a clinical diagnosis based on your symptoms. Labs can contribute to a diagnosis but there is no blood test that can diagnose SSc by itself. Sorry you are dealing with this.

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