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Medical student exams - been involved?

Went for my routine rheumy appointment today and at the end of the consultation she said 'medical exams! ... They're coming up..... are you interested?' Basically attend the local teaching hospital at a specified time and then I get groups of students talking to me (I am assuming they have to come to a diagnosis and suggest further tests etc?). I'm up for it anyway as anything I can to help spread awareness of scleroderma and Raynauds, the better especially as I know so many sufferers struggle to get a diagnosis. (I actually do something similar every year with vet students, although not in an exam situation, when they have to practice their interpersonal / questioning skills so will find it quite interesting!)

Has anyone else done this?

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Yes, my diagnosing rheumy worked at a teaching/experimental facility in a hospital. I took part in a laser diagnosing study (bouncing light off of affected skin as a tool to help pin down diagnosis) and also had students come and study/shadow my rheumy...

I'll always help where furthering education and study of our disease is concerned!

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Hi, yes I have been to several exam days at hospital, you are given a sinareo to give students enough information to diagnose your conditions, they have so long to ask questions , examine you, you also have a couple of questions to ask them and then they have to say there finding, what tests they would do and what there diagnosis is. Usually 3 examiners in the room so quite stressful for students. I think like you , if I can help in anyway for doctors to recognise signs earlier rather than later . My local GP took 2 years to refer me to a specialist by which time Scerledema was very aggressive , also polymytosis. Raynauds was secondary to what was happening to me . If only he had referred me earlier my story could be so different.


Yes I attended for several year for GP study days when I was in Birmingham and it was interesting to see how many GP's new about scleroderma. It was done through the dermatologist as I had been having laser treatment for telangectasia on my face. I've had this done twice now and it has a good effect for a while but they always come back.

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