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Would like to hear people's advice!


Hi Everyone,

Was diagnosed with Morphea when I was about thirteen following a trip to the Dermatologist after discovering a patch of thickened discoloured skin on my stomach. No real explanation as to what this was or what had caused it.

Fast forward ten years and the patch has now grown and covers the majority of one half of my stomach. I also have a patch on my forearm which is not discoloured, but is instead bald and rather shiny! When I brought the new developments up with the GP, I was given some hydrocortizone cream and told to try that for two weeks in case it was a fungal infection despite me telling them it had steadily increased over a ten year period rather than just appear. I was also recently diagnosed with Raynauds but no mention was made by my GP about the connection between the two.

I would just like to hear what people think, any tips or advice as to what is best, what to avoid etc because I dont massively feel like the doctors have offered much help :(

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Hello Meaghan, I don't have Morphea but have been reading the SRUK webpages recently....there is a fact sheet that covers it and it may give you some pointers as to what treatment you could have for it. It seems to me that you may need a referral to rheumatologist and perhaps need to see another GP as your own seems unable to help you, especially with the recent Raynauds development. I have found that I need to be assertive with mine in order to get my treatment progressed. I hope this helps.

Hi Meaghan,

I have had localized morphea for several years along with Raynauds. You may want to be evaluated and followed by Rheumatologist.

It has been my experience, that they have more to offer than Family Practice or Derm.

Hang in there!


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