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Acidy taste in throat and lungs

I suffer with this acidy taste in my throat and it feels like the acid sits on my lungs is this dangerous and what can it do if it is on my lungs as I'm guessing that it can burn my lungs is that true

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Hi,I left you a long reply to this question yesterday,underneath the post where you asked me :)

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Hi there Ricky! So sorry you are suffering with the horrid acid. When the acid comes up from your stomach it nearly always has particles of food,even tiny microscopic bits as well as the acid,and when it gets to the throat,especially in the night if you are asleep,it can go straight into the lungs ( the opening to the lungs is very close to where your food goes down) and basically you then get damage to the lining of the bronchi with the acid and the particles of food can start an infection and inflammatory process that is really not good. I have scleroderma with pulmonary fibrosis and if I have lots of reflux then my lung function tests definitely suffer.

You absolutely must see your doctor as the medication for reflux is so effective! I'm on Ezomeprazole, but there are a few different types. They literally stop the production of acid which enable your esophagus to heal and recover. You also may need a look with a camera just to check what is going on. You will feel much better once you are on the right medication. And sadly you may have to cut down on the chocolate:(

Take care

Best wishes


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Thank you Alex I understand what your saying and I have cut down on my chocolate yes I do love chocolate but have had to cut down on it but thanks for your advice I have had this reflux all my childhood years and my adult life there is a lot of stuff that I have that triggers my heart burn thank you for the advise


Why not take chocolate wat does it do


I agree with Alexandra. Get treatment from your rheumatologist.


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