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Weird chest feeling

Hi I'm 14 years old and recently I went to the doctors to have some blood tests not cause we thought there was anything wrong with me just to get everything checked I had my full blood count red and white cells diabeties thyroid and something else do to with liver it came back all clear but in the process I was worrying about it and seemed to get a few twinge feelings in my back and chest not pain just like a little Poke they lasted for 1 second and came back about 1 hour laterI also go weight training for football and I was wondering if I did I that way sometimes I also got a tight chest when I was worrying and sometimes after the test, they seem to be getting better tho but still sometimes get a tight chest and small twinges

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Have you been diagnosed with Raynaud's disease?


Hi Rob, it maybe a good idea to have another visit to your doctor and explain these systems - maybe it is just a pulled muscle from your weight training but always good to check it out. Hope you keep well and enjoy your football. X

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Chest tightness should always be addressed!!


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