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Could you help with an international scleroderma survey? If so see details below.


EUSTAR and FESCA have developed a survey, in several languages, about the personal reactions of those with SSc to their disease. Anybody with scleroderma can answer this survey--you do not have to be a member of FESCA or to give your name. To date a thousand answers from Europe and almost the same amount from the US have been received. Some people are still about to participate and therefore the end of the survey has been postponed until the 24th of March.

Many thanks for your support

Please click the link below:

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thanks for this from Toronto Ont. Is there a place to see the results. I am a retired medical researcher



I have tried to email you on the address you have given with details of who to contact but it tells me that it is not a valid address. Do you have another contact or can you email me and I will do a reply. My email address is


Thanks for sharing this survey. Steadfastsenior all the results (and latest Raynaud's and Scleroderma news and tips) are shared on our Facebook page, so please check in there to see what the results are, we will share them as soon as we get them. The link is



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