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Update on my food poisoning

Seen my GP today and he said he doesn't want to give me anything for the food poisoning, let it run its course. I've started back on the Omeprazole today. The GP is chasing up my Oesophagal Manometry appt, so just waiting for that now. Is it a very unpleasant test, or is it ok? Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to reply to my posts; I appreciate your input.

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I had an Oesophagal Manometry last year. It took approx 90mins. There was only very slight discomfort at the start as they have to put the tubing through the nose, (small dia) they will offer you a spray to help numb your nostral if you want. Apart from that it was fine, in fact very interesting especially if you get to see the graph results when you next see the consultant. Hope all goes well for you, take care, Newton.


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