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Signed up to do a 9 weeks....think I'm slightly crazy!!!


So, I signed up to do the Great British 10k in London on 14th July - 9 weeks today.... It seemed like a good idea and is to raise money for the charity I work for but I'm now slightly scared that I'm going to struggle to do it or even do the training.

I joined my local gym a few months ago and have been going but struggle to do a lot and have avoided the treadmill as I struggle to even walk 1km without my legs getting tired.

So, I went to the gym yesterday and asked one of the guys that work there what I need to do to build up the strength in my legs. He suggested various weights and then to start running. I did the weights which were easy enough though definitely feeling it today so it must be worth doing. I also went on the treadmill (in the downstairs gym which was almost empty as didn't want to embarrass myself by 'running' in front of anyone. I couldn't even run for 0.25km as my calves got so tired, I walked for a bit then ran 0.2km then walked the rest of the 1km that I wanted to do. It worries me that I only have 9 weeks, I'm running with one of my colleagues which is good in some ways but she did a half marathon last year so is reasonably fit even though she hasn't really run since.

I'm a little scared I'm going to fail and that because of my mixed connective tissue disease I won't be able to run it (although have actually signed up and paid for it so I really need to do it). My colleagues and my boss have been pretty understanding about my illness but I don't think they get what is actually wrong with me and how hard these next 9 weeks will be for me. I did sign up for this and really needed a challenge but I'm just a little worried that I'm not going to be able to do this.

I so want to be able to run the whole 10k but even if I could run half of it I'd be happy but it's going to be a very hard few weeks. I'm trying to remember that I have 2 months and I have a friend who doesn't have this illness who is running a 5k in 4 weeks but can only run about 0.5km which does make me feel a little better so hoping I can strengthen my legs and do this..... x

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I did a 10 k yesterday, the way I trained was to just go for walks.

Starting on shorter ones and slowly building up to 10k. I had my husband go out in the car, from our house, and measure distances building up to 5k so I could walk from the gate out and back and know exactly how far I had walked :) and I walked every day ...... even if I didnt feel like it.

Good luck

OMG - I am so in awe of both of you !

I have to psyche myself up to get out the door just to go to my local park for a small stroll !

I have tried to push myself through the pain barrier but then end up in bed, not for hours, for days ! I visualise myself being back in the gym pumping the iron, which I used to love doing pre-diagnosis and the first few months of diagnosis, 16years ago, but then just came to a brick wall with the stiffness and pain.

My advice to you scotgirl would be to put a sensible training plan in place, a realistic one, and simply just do what you can, and do not beat yourself up if you are not on tip top one day, you may feel better the next day. See yourself pacing yourself, as well as enjoying having fun ! Good Luck :) x

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