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Not one for the squeamish!!

The following is one of several YouTube clips, showing fascia in the body. What it should look like and how it appears when it restricts movement.

I use this clip as a visualisation. For example, while I am having a hot stone treatment. I 'see' a mass of stiff fibre optics cable ( I used to be in telecoms). Then each fibre becomes free one after another. Until they are all free and flexible, like a fibre optic lamp.

I also have used the clip to 'see' a blob of stiff and tacky glue. Pulling each thread away separately. Really whatever you can think of.

It also shows just how much the body needs to be hydrated. Happy visualising! :)

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If you put the following - OHM living fascia 25x magnified by ronelle 1111 - on YouTube you should see it. As this site won't let me leave a link!


The link should be

opens the video here - I put "" without the quotes :) if you have a & and anything following you need to delete that. Also, the 'm.' seems to give an index page. Any link to show the video here should always start http://www. as shown ;)


Oops - the system picked up the second link too :O I tried to say to use "http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=JgNoUrNlgr4" - (take the spaces out)


Thank you! I couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong.


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