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Can't sleep, can't wake up

Ugh, Why do I struggle to fall asleep and get up! Litrally feels endless, I have to be "Up" in 5 hours I know it will be a misrable day and I'll be tired the whole day, then I'll get in try and sleep and won't and repeat the process.

I get blamed for being lazy because I get to the point where I am SO tired I sleep for 16 hours +, my anxiety plays a huge part in my ability to sleep.

Just don't know what to do about it,

Any advice?

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I used to get lots of sleep but was always tired ... turned out to be OSA, so quantity of sleep had no bearing on the quality of sleep.

Wonder if the anxiety caused the sleep issue or if the sleep issue causes the anxiety? Sounds like you need a referral to a sleep clinic to get a study to find out whats happening and rule in/out some of the possibilities.

Get off to the GP and make a start on the road to resolving the issues.

Good luck!


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