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Hello, I am currently struggling with really bad fatigue. It's been going on for quite some time and I want to seek help but I'm afraid that my GP will just write me off because of my age. I'm 18 and I feel as though they'll just say "you're just being a teenager" or "get some more/better sleep!". I get plenty of sleep, and I stay fairly regular with my sleeping pattern. I have mental health issues which I think may be playing a part in all this but I'm also perhaps thinking it's some sort of deficiency thing or maybe medical. It's severely affecting my daily life, including my relationship. Does anyone have any advice that may help me with approaching my GP? I'm also in therapy currently for my issues but not on any mediation and I'm not pregnant.

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Hi. I want to ask you first please how is your diet? Did you had any food poising lately? Do you take any suppliments? Are your meals divided every 3-4 h?


Hey, thanks for replying! I eat a very healthy diet, occasionally eating some bad things of course though. I haven't had food poisoning recently, no. I used to take a suppliment for energy boosting but it didn't really work that well for me. I eat 3 meals a day with some snacks in between lunch and dinner, and then after dinner.


Is the diet balanced? As in carbs protein and saturated fats? Do you exercise? Do you eat enough food please?


Hello. I just joined this community. You say you see a therapist? Do you think you could have your therapist talk to your GP for you? Sometimes it helps to have health providers get together so they can "speak their own language", so to speak. Also, some antidepressants can deplete vitamin levels. You mentioned a vitamin (?) deficiency. It is definitely a possibility. I suggest going over everything you're on (prescriptions and non) with you GP. As far as mental health affecting sleep, definitely. Body and mind are connected.

Have you ever had a sleep study done? If this is as bad as it sounds (which it does), I would encourage you to talk to someone about getting a referral to a sleep specialist. I am struggling with a very poor sleep quality myself, and it is not fun.

Take care of yourself,



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