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Can I use CPAP without sleep apnea?


Hey guys,

So I have been a snorer since I can remember, sometimes quite loud. I often wake up very tired and have trouble waking up all night. I wanted to take the test, but I have a very high deductible, and I don't really want to spend money out of my pocket. However, I recorded myself sleeping the other night, and from what I can tell, it doesn't seem like I have instances where I stop breathing, at least not often. It is also easy to understand because I always snore when I sleep, so if I stop breathing, I can tell.

My mom has a Resmed CPAP ( ) she hasn't needed it since she purchased it, so she said I could have it if I wanted to. I was just thinking of trying the automatic mode and seeing how it goes. I wonder if a CPAP could help me stop snoring and sleep better, even if I don't think I have apnea?

Any idea would be great. Thank you!

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~I would suggest you take a proper test to ascertain if you have apnea issues or not- then will you know which direction to head.

Living with undiagnosed sleep apnea can place strain on heart.

Should you be overweight this will certainly contribute to snoring.

Good luck with your choice ~

JohnHanks5 in reply to Megams

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I will surely consider taking a test.

Have you been tested for sleep apnea? If not I would get tested.Using a machine without testing wouldn't be as effective.I have sleep apnea myself and your machine is set up by your sleep clinic and put onto a pressure that you need to keep your airways open when you sleep..The clinic have adjusted my pressure a couple of times over the years,to get it to to a pressure which gets my apneas under control

JohnHanks5 in reply to Kels1974

I don't think I have sleep apnea but I will surely consider testing now.


It does sound like a problem - and should be addressed. Whilst you are getting round to testingf whether you have sleep apnoes might want to do throat exercises, and maybe join a choir! Strengthening throat muscles can be helpful... Lots on youtube. consider too devices such as the Zeez Sleep Pebble to deepen sleep quality,, which you can use alongside a CPAP Anna

JohnHanks5 in reply to asmckay

Thanks for the suggestions. Will surely watch some videos for throat exercises.

I have mild sleep apnea and it was the snoring that hurt my sleep the most. It took me a month to get used to an auto CPAP, but now i love it and couldn't live without it. You need to see a doctor though because they will make sure that your pressure minimum is not set too high and you could tell him about your mom's machine.

JohnHanks5 in reply to Jkf1

Thanks for the reply. I will be doing a test by next week and hopefully find a solution for my problem.

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