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Ive had insomnia for 40 years and have become addicted to benzo sleeping pills though 7 years ago i was swirches to zopiclone. Insomnia has wrecked my life i cant go away incase i wont sleep and the fear of it is never far away. Ive had an attack of ibs or wheat allergy or similar and been pretty rough and now the zop are no longer working i take 7.5 mg of mirtasapine at night too and wondering if this could be increased. A friend once told me of alprezolam 1/2mg any recomendations. Thank you.

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  • Termazapam does it for me after 2 strokes. Only used to get 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night before,but getting much more now.depression easing off a bit more now.Thank heavens!!

  • What does 2 strokes mean? Im sorry im new to this. Thanks

  • Augustus-6

    I take termazepam for my insomnia,and named myself 2 stroke because thats what ive suffered,just after the loss of my wife to cancer..

    Hope that's what you meant??

    a lot of the effects are-----






  • Oh boy thats awful life isnt easy thats for sure. My insomnia started 40 years ago when i didnt sleep for weeks and ive had the terror of the memory ever since. Im addicted to sleepers theres no real help out there i take zopiclone but tonight im trying temazipan because i wonder if ive become resistant to zopiclone.

  • Augustus-6

    i didn't get on with zopiclone.

    Hope you get the sleep you require.

    Good luck..

  • Thank you 2 stroke did zop not work? Ive tried to get on an insomnia forum as u seem to be the only one on this site but when i try paitient forum which i use to have an account it says my acc has been de activated and theres no help contact to sort it!!!

  • Augustus-6

    So sorry,about your account,as i know we all need some advice now and again,keep on posting, i'm always logging in..

    Best wishes..

  • Thank you

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