I have had insomnia for about 30 years. It can be very difficult to cope with . Sleep deprivation leads to anxiety and intense negative thinking patterns . Hopelessness & worry are ,too often, emotions that are present. Headaches are a regular occurrence. Most people can not relate to this chronic issue. I am grateful for my amazing wife. She is empathetic . I hope that by posting that I can offer some hope & advice to those affected.


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  • What do you do to help yourself?

  • Excercise , meditation , sleep meds, prayer & just having the mindset of plugging along/persevering

  • The best treatment of choice (and evidence based) is CBT-I - or Cognitive behavioral treatment for Insomnia.

  • I would like to have an interview with you on the subject of sleeplessness. thank you

  • Ive got terrible anxiety over sleep for 40 years its as if ive forgotten how to sleep and feel i will never sleep again its terrifying. Zopiclone seems to have stopped working!!

  • If your medication is not working, maybe u need to change it or add another one. I also have insomnia. My GP prescribed me Vistaril for this. It works very well for sleep.

  • Thank you for your help i will ask him about vistaril my problem is im addicted to zopiclone for 8 years and suddenly they no longer make me sleepy. Were u ever on these addictive meds? I get really scared like i will never sleep again i lie there without a clue how to go to sleep it can get frantic and very scary ie a very lonely place.

  • Hi Augustas,

    My first 2 meds which were prescribed by my GP were Flexaril and Vistaril. I took flexaril for like a month. Then, a psych prescribed me Buspar which didn’t work. Then, I was prescribed Setraline for the past month which I feel works very well. The problem is that now with stopping Buspar I don’t feel good I feel like my anxiety is back but I’m gonna try to go off Buspar until my next appointment and then see how I feel. Maybe I need clonopin or something like that. The only pill I’ve gotten addicted to was Adderall.

  • Thanku but your pills are light ie anti depressants and antihistamines where as ive had decades of benzos and then zopiclone for the past 8 years. I feel ive become resistant to zop and cant sleep its really scary as i feel i will never sleep again 😓

  • Well maybe you need to explain to your doctor what’s happening. Benzo withdrawal can cause you to feel panicked and scared. Benzo is only for short term anxiety use and it’s advised to not use it for more than 2-3 weeks. Ssri’s are not “light” they are very dangerous and the withdrawal can cause completed suicide. Do some research before you assume anything. If you’re addicted to medication you need to go to rehab.

  • I only have insomnia which causes anxiety. Doctors dont understand it

  • Oh I’m sorry I understand u very well. Benzodiazepines is very good for insomnia tho.

  • How long have u been like this? I ts horrendous its fear of it that stops u sleeping but how the hell do u stop thinking. I never travel im scared i wont sleep. Im so grateful for this forum i felt on my own in a very lonely place for years. Everyone i know sleeps like babies i can never sleep in a chair i want to but this this viper creeps up and wakes me.

  • That’s insomnia for you. Tired as hell until you get in bed. Try going to sleep later & waking later if you can. Or going to sleep earlier & getting up at the same time. But put an effort into both ways & track it. That way you can go back & perhaps see a trend/pattern that works for you. I have taken benzodiazepines for years and have had a very productive life. Sometimes it isn’t easy but that’s what this site is about supporting each other and making it a little easier.


  • Thanku Rlich its so nice to know im not on my own tho thats no cosulation for you. For years i never knew anyone with this terrible insomnia. Its so scry you feel or i do sometimes that i will never sleep again its like ive forgotten how to go to sleep that death is the only way out. Im glad you hve lived a productive life i suppose i have but restricted i never gobaway im terrified i wont sleep in some ways ive got worse over the years in others probably more accepting. Nice to meet you. 😀 Happy new year.

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