India- The destination for surgical treatments

India- The destination for surgical treatments


The recent times, India has developed as the best destination for international patients in view of its quality and cost effective treatment. The best clinics in India are giving quality treatment, an assortment of techniques, foundation, and trained manpower to operate any health care treatment without waiting time.

Treatments like cancer, IVF and other major diseases are highly treated in India by providing best medical services. India plays a vital role for treating international patients as there are best hospitals in India which are leading in medical tourism.

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The following are the reasons for success in choosing India as Destination for surgical treatment:


India has stringent accreditation policies like Joint Commission International (JCI). There are numerous healthcare centre with JCI and NABH. These authorized medical care centres in India gives treatment equivalent to or more than global standards.

Usage of Latest Technologies

Indian clinics utilize High-end advancements for diagnosing and operating. Complex heart surgeries, cancer care and surgeries, neuro and even general surgeries require sophisticated technologies for better outcomes, reducing issues, empower speed recovery and reduces the length of post-operation stay. The most recent change in robotic surgeries, radiation surgery or radio medications with cyberknife stereotactic alternatives, IMRT/IGRT, transplant support systems, most recent neuro and spinal alternatives are all usable in India. India's medical organization and acclaimed specialists are exceptional in testing themselves to new changes to give better solutions, persistently working on their capacity.

Doctors, who are demanded across the world

India has centres with world-class clinics and world-class doctors in a wide range of medical processes. The country has the greatest pool of doctors in South Asia (1.2 million Allopathic doctors 0.17 million dental professionals, 2 million treatment caretakers). Gigantic quantities of them have developed their certifications. There are around 0.8 million formally prepared Ayurvedic professionals. It is an intelligent case of higher amount promoting higher quality and the different way. Impart, speak with the experts in the certified clinics before your visit and they will focus on your necessities and alter the treatment for you.

Effective costing

The cost of medical treatment in India is one-tenth of what it costs in the western countries. Alternatives to the insignificant cost of treatment, people who don't have medical insurance and who feel that it's difficult to bear the cost of in their nation, find India as the best place for their treatment destination.

No waiting time

Quick and prompt consideration for surgeries and all treatments are ensured in India. Getting an appointment for bypass surgery or a planned angioplasty in few countries takes pretty much 3-6 months. Moreover, there these treatments are expensive too. It's no waiting time in India for any treatment, be it heart surgery, kidney care, cancer treatment, neuro-spinal process, knee/hip/joint replacement, dental, cosmetic surgeries, weight loss surgery and so no.


India has the high rate of English speaking medical work force's which helps in understanding amongst patient and medical staff 's, this lead to warmth and hospitality. This made India hit to top destination list for healthcare tourism.

Here is list of some surgical treatments in India and their comparisons in cost:

Heart Bypass

Coronary arteries supply with oxygenated blood. Blocking of these coronary arteries results in the heart failure. Along these lines, this surgery is done keeping in mind the end goal to make the heart work properly. In the heart bypass surgery, specialist replaces veins taken from another part of your body to repair the damaged arteries in your heart.

Cost comparison:

Thailand: $15,100

India: $5,300

USA: $143,000

Knee Replacement

It is the most widely recognized bone surgery. It helps in reducing the agony created by arthritis. Amid operation, an orthopedic specialist removes the spoiled portion of the knee and substitute it with an artificial joint made of metal or plastic. That unreal joint is then connected to the thigh bone, shin, and kneecap with a unique material, for example, acrylic cement.

Cost comparison:

Thailand: $8,300

India: $7,050

USA: $50,500


It is the prevalent plastic surgery method. This protected method has enabled lakhs of patients to enhance their shapes through the focusing on and eradication of isolated deposits of fat. The treatment zones are stomach area, back, chin, cheek.

Cost comparison:

Thailand: $2,200

India: $2,850

USA: $9,110


Angioplasty is a minor surgery that opens blocked arteries and takes into consideration ordinary blood flow to your heart muscle. It is not significant surgery. It is made by threading a thin tube through a little hole in a leg or arm artery to the heart. The blocked artery is opened by expanding a tiny ballon in it.

Cost comparison:

Thailand: $4,100

India: $3,100

USA: $57,100

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion surgery is made to stop the movement at an agony vertebral.

There are numerous approaches to lumbar spinal fusion surgery, the following procedure:

• By adding bone graft to a segment of the spine

• Setting up of organic reaction that makes the bone join develop between the two vertebral components to deliver a bone fusion

•The bony fusion - which enables one settled bone to replace versatile joint and it stops the movement at that joint area.

Cost comparison:

Thailand: $9,100

India: $5,700

USA: $57,100


By the above concept, it’s clear that health is the biggest wealth for every individual one’s. As per health is concerned India has become the best destination for the medical tourism and healthcare hub. India has widely developed and how became a cornerstone specially for the international patients for their health treatment.

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