How To Prevent Pimples From Forming

How To Prevent Pimples From Forming

Pimples have never been easy to prevent nor control — certainly not in puberty when hormones are all about raging, and still not in adulthood when stress and hormonal changes can drive your hormones just as nuts as when you were a teenager.

Given the many potential consequences of pimples and the pimple scars that follow, there are more compelling reasons to try keep it out of your skin. It’s true that not even the best products for acne may be able to hold back your pimple prone skin from getting infected but, when combined with a lifestyle designed to keep you pimple free, you just might be able to finally get what you’ve always been wishing for. Clean, clear, pimple-free skin? It’s possible.

What causes pimples

Becoming better informed about what causes pimples gives you your most basic and yet most powerful weapon against finally defeating these troublesome skin infections. So, before drawing up your action plan to beat pimples, here’s what you need to know about them:

1. Pimples are a type of acne. Like blackheads and whiteheads, almost always, the major culprit are your own hormones getting out of proper proportion.

2. Stress, abrupt changes in your activities, hyperactivity, dietary changes, exposure to dirt and dust, poor hygienic practices, and, plainly and simply, being at the stage of your life when hormonal changes are a defining factor — puberty, pregnancy, menopause — can all cause you to suffer from pimples.

3. The Propionibacterium acnes bacteria is what causes pimples to appear. A study conducted by the UCLA in partnership with the Washington University in St. Louis and the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, however, found different strains of P. acnes.

One particular strain was observed to be present in large quantities in people with healthy skin but significantly much less in acne-prone skin. Further research is required to find out how these observations can be used to treat acne prone skin. Soon enough, there may be no more need for you to undergo Cosmelan.

Effective acne prevention

Halt your frantic search for the best products for acne for a second and learn how else you can achieve pimple-free skin by making permanent adjustments on what you do to your skin and to your body as a whole. Here are 6 tips you can try to help keep pimples off:

Tip No. 1: Don’t prick nor burst your pimples when they show. They’re red, they’re bumpy, and they’re ugly. Sure but, when you don’t resist the urge, you’ll be in more trouble sooner than you think. Your eyes are always filthy, and why not? You use it to pick up practically anything you need and that gets in your way. Little must you know, that smartphone in your hand right now is filled more germs than the public toilet seat that you loathe so much.

Tip No. 2: Make sure that everything that gets into contact with your skin is clean. You don’t want your hands on your face, so should you keep unchanged pillow sheets and dirty glasses off of it.

Tip No. 3: Be more picky and meticulous about the products you use. In general, use less products on your face. The sooner you can find out and decide on just the basic things that you need, the better it is for your skin, and the sooner you can break free from pimples.

Tip No. 4: Live healthier. Exercise and diet affect your skin health. Processed foods add only toxin to your body. Other than this food group, you should also stay away from sugary foods which can cause your skin to make high levels of sebum, not to mention that pimple-causing bacteria thrive on sugar too. Complement your healthy eating with regular physical activity.

Tip No. 5: Avoid environments that are polluted, hot and humid. All of these factors, most especially when combined with sun exposure, can cause your skin to overcompensate on creating natural moisture to keep it from drying—that means so much more grease and discomfort. If you have acne-prone skin, it’s best for you to stay indoors where you can control the temperature of the surroundings.

Tip No. 6: Never sleep without cleansing your face. One of the ways you can avoid using a Cosmelan treatment to brighten acne scars later on, is to simply rid your skin of impurities right before jumping into bed.


In September, the King’s College London and New Jersey Medical School publicized the results of a study which showed that people with acne-prone skin are likely to show signs of skin aging much later than those who have always enjoyed clean and clear skin. Talk about the cycle of life —you’ll have your last laugh after all — but, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t still wish those pimples gone!

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