How to Get Fuller Lips without Surgery or Injections

How to Get Fuller Lips without Surgery or Injections

Do you wish to get fuller lips? Not many of you are aware that there are many lip enhancing techniques which give you fuller lips. The lip enhancing surgeries include the silicon implants. The cosmetic surgeon uses the knives, sticks and needles to give fullness to your lips. Another method is to use the injections like the collagen fillers to give you plumped lips.

This is an invasive way to get bigger lips. Most women would fear to undergo this method considering the pain involved in this product. Some of you might not feel worth opting for the surgical procedure to get plumper pout due to high costs.

There are few other ways which are non-invasive as well as the reasonably priced. Let us now discuss in detail about the other non-invasive methods to get fuller pout without surgery or injections.

Fuller lips without surgeries and injections:

Some of the natural ways to get fuller pout without undergoing any painful cosmetic surgeries or injections are given below:

Lip maintenance:

Lip care and maintenance is foremost thing which is effective to get fuller lips. You should ensure that your basic needs are fulfilled to get naturally sifter lips. Make sure to buy the safe products for treating chapped lips. There are many chap sticks which help to treat the lip dryness and also work to give you fuller lips. You can apply the recommended amount on your lips throughout the day. This will help you to give you desired results. These tubes costs fewer than two dollars and will lasts for minimum few weeks.

These are easier on application and work to optimally plump your lips. do not forget to keep on applying the chap stick to retain the lip health.

Natural lip inflation:

The natural lip inflation can be used to get rid of the rough skin, bumps on lips. This is a beauty product which contains peppermint that soothes the lips and makes them soft. With regular application you can get to notice drastic results. These products are helpful and can be worn similar to using the lip gloss. Some of the lip gloss products have labels of the inflation qualities. There are number of regular lip gloss with variations in colors. You can use your favorite shade or give try to transparent one.

There are some li p inflation and gloss products which are safe to be used along with the regular lip gloss. This allows controlling your lip color and giving you naturally plumped pout within few minutes after application.

Lip liner:

The lip liner can be used to highlight your lips and make it fuller. If you are not satisfied with the progress after using the Chap Stick, lip inflation then liner will help to give it. Use the liner having the shade closer to your lip tone. Draw out the line carefully to create the illusion of the fuller and beautiful lips. Make sure to apply the liner along the perimeter of the lips. Follow using the gloss or lipstick to make it look more beautiful.

Lip plumpers:

There are many lip plumpers which claim to provide you fuller, bigger pout. These products are available at variant prices. There are many women who use these products due to application ease. The presence of natural ingredients in these products makes them safe to use and has reduced risk to cause irritation. Some of the best lip plumpers are Lip Fusion XL, Maxolip, Idol lips, etc.

All in All:

After reviewing through all the alternatives to enhance the lips; you can choose the best one which suits your needs. You can get fuller lips with proper caring and using the best products. Read reviews on Best Lip Plumpers of 2013 to get effective results.


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