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New to the group, not new to incontinence.

My name is Mike and I'm new to this group (noticed the link on FB). I had my accident over 20 years ago and after 7 surgeries and L4/L5 broken back and diagnosed with CES I know a thing or two about living with B&B incontinence.

I've read a few articles and I'm confused why someone is embarrassed to wear diapers? I wear them to prevent being embarrassed from having my bladder/bowels empty without warning.

I work and travel all over the world and none of it would be possible without the ability to manage my incon. I take 30mg of Oxybutynin daily for the bladder spasms and that helps with the sudden "floods" and I take Nullo to manage odor issues and a quality disposable brief.

It is possible to live a full and productive life post SCI (spinal cord injury) while living with Incontinence once you find what works.

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Welcome! Thank you for your thoughts and a bit about you. We each come to this group with different feelings and different stories. Each story is unique. Together, we can help and support each other.

Many people feel ashamed, embarrassed, mortified ... etc. Depending on our backgrounds, our parents, our cultural heritage, where we live ... how we respond to our body's changes and feel about our incontinence is very different for each person.

I am happy you have a positive outlook and such wonderful self confidence. We all need a bit of that!!

Again, thank you for joining the group and sharing.

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Semper Fi, Mike. You have adapted far better than I. I primarily stay inside and isolate to prevent possible accidents in public. My incontinence is from advanced prostate cancer caused by Agent Orange. The VA supplies my adult depends underwear. I am soon to have surgery for an artificial urethral sphincter, which is supposed to decrease the incontinence greatly.



Semper Fi to you as well Skip! I sure hope your surgery is successful and you're comfortable enough to go outside without any fears!



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