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Forearm protection advice?

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Hi, looking for suggestions please.

My Mum (75, quite short, active, brave) suffered total vision loss almost a year ago and has been adjusting to life in the dark.

A current issue is the bruising on her forearm due to using it as a shield and guide around the house and out and about. The corners of things jab into her regularly and due to the medication she is on- leave horrible blood blisters and bruising all over her skin.

Does anything exist that can be worn on the forearm or similar, that allows the skin to breath and isn't too restrictive to feeling and movement? I imagined something like archery arm shields maybe??

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Hello Jerome,

Sorry your Mum keeps "knocking" herself creating bruises etc. l was forever doing this plus cutting my arms on the door catches. l have looked on the internet and it has come up with this: Level 5 Cut Resistant Safety Sleeves, Arm Protection Sleeve Burn Protective. Cut and paste into Amazon and it should bring it up; one thing l will mention is that it's important to get the right size - you said your Mum is small - and also only for the LOWER arm.

Best of luck.


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thank you - i will look into it