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what should Sickle cell anaemic persons take if COVID infected Or taking care of Covid infected ASPIRINE ? IVERMECTINE ? GINGER ? GARLIC

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Vit D Vit C Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycine / Doxycicline ? ARTESUNATE & Pyronaridine " Pyramax from Corea ? Or PYRAPREG from Corea if pregnant and Sicklecell and Covid ? Immunoglobulines ? Antibody cocktails ? HEPARINES ? What about Vaccines against COVID in Sickle cell anaemic ?!!!

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Basically try and get a Covid vaccination to prevent being impacted heavily by Covid-19 if by chance you are infected. You should keep away if possible from an infected person if possible due to your vulnerability. If infected by Covid-19 there are a lot of self applied remedies out there but my advice is to use whatever works for you and consult your medical practitioner or your local health authority if infected with COVID-19. Hope this helps.

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Thanks f answering WHICH VACCINES ? Please give me Adresses names Of BLACK AFRICAN or AFRO AMERICAN MEDICS who KNOW treat advice Sickle cell Patients about Vaccines And about PREVENTATIVE EARLY Treatment AT HOME ( NOT a single from the 3 now in Germany where we live available VACCINES is feasable for my daughters nor for my black African man All of them are Sicklecell AND highly allergic on 1000 different Foods drugscosmetics etc Vacc 1 Pfizers BioNtecs and 2 Modernas cause Allergic life threatening anaphylaxies the 3, Astra Zeneca Oxfords vaccine causes blood clottings !!! just in young women Just in women on contraceptive pills medications HOW much more in sickle cell blood clottings endangered women !??? Thank y for yre good will BUT BLACK DOCTORS should answer these simple questions for SICKLE cell and Thalassaemia PATIENTS ! I asked if you they KNOW if HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE ARTESUNATE IVERMECTINE are good for PREVENTION of COVID in sickle cell people !!! I know that ginger garlic green onions Horseradish walnuts royal gelly black Cumin honey Carragenes fat Fish ( Vitamin D ) not very sour fruits ( more basic ie less acid less sour than pH 5,4 like Mango melone prunes apples red oranges Raisins ANANAS Guavas abricots dates COCOS nuts & milk prevent Covid ! because their taste is not so sour its more basic than lemon sour kiwis sour grapefruit sour oranges Sour vinaigre The Coronavirusses NEED SOUR envirnment ( saliva !!!! ) to enter into mucosas of our mouth throat So i take care what we eat and drink not to be so sour but hydrate AT LEAST 2 Liters per day ! and provide Vitamines C B A E Iron Zinc ( you have a lot of Zinc in GINGER and have all vitamines in DATES ) Vitamine D you have in SUN and in FAT fish Aspirine not paracetamol not ibuprofen was my question Black Africans drink Fresh ANANAS Juice with huge quantities of raw ginger macerated cut small small into the fresh ananas juce to prevent infections fewers from malaria to .... Covid ( they let RAW ginger macerate stand over night at least 12 hours in fresh Ananas Juice ) Arabs drink CAMELMILK raw or sour Kefir and eat MILLET Mexicans Argentinians Peru eat ARTEMISIA annua or vulgaris with mesilate de Camostat or and take IVERMECTINE 0,2 mg per kg of the own weight once every 3 weeks huge Population of India treated Covid like a flu and by all old good v well known drugs Aspirine HCQ Doxycicline or Azithromycine Hot teas green teas Ivermectine out of hospitals They produce the vax our governments buy ! but dont use them so much you and we in Europe do Why not ? ? Corea has a medicine to stop Covid its Called PYRAMAX ( Artesunate and Pyronaridine ) you have both of them in USA too Artesunate is NOBELPRIZE Medicine like IVERMECTINE Artesunate is the extracht of sweet wormwood Called ARTEMISIA annua in botanics Medicinal plant against MALARIA Lyme illness All worms Pig worms included and against COVID ARTEMISIA plants need only SUN in summer they make grains in winter and grow now in spring again green and later parfumed and getting grew almost white in automn They stand temperatures from minus 10 to plus 40 celsius Asians eat everyday Artemisia plant leaves macerated fermented NOT boiled eat garlic ginger marine alges fish i think this is the main reason why they cope much better with Covid than we do They dont have our money nor our so many new drugs Stay safe

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