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What drug to treat nerve damage, post sepsis - giving excruciating pain.

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I have a relative who had sepsis recently, which has been treated and he has been discharged from the hospital. But after leaving the hospital he developed pain around the shoulder, and the pain gradually became severe and affected the neck and further the waist, chest. The pain has inhibited movement. On examination, we found that the sepsis damaged the nerves. Who have such experience, or what drug do you know can treat nerve damage.

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Hi, I know this is an old post and I don’t have any advice to give I’m afraid but what you have written I can really relate to.

I had sepsis shock 3 years ago which not only damaged my heart and caused me other issues but also tremendous pain in my neck, shoulder and sometimes down my back to my hips. I had never related it to the sepsis before and always thought it was to do with my open heart surgery.

I hope you have managed to find some help for your relative to ease the discomfort. It really is a horrible thing to live with and I don’t ding GPs are very understanding to the after effects.

Take Care


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Drivee in reply to Cathrd

Thank you Cath.

Old man is still living, but still in pains, he can't stand all by himself any longer for long... We're still going to hospitals for help. Thank you.

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Cathrd in reply to Drivee

I’m very sorry to hear that. I fear My pain is getting worse as time goes on too, rather than better. He sounds like he has good support. I hope the hospital manages to help in some way.

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Drivee in reply to Cathrd

May you find help wherever possible too. Love and lights!

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