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Sickle cell trait question

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So i have sickle cell trait.. I am always feeling run down, tired, weak and have no energy.. I drink plenty of water, eat right, rest an take vitamins.. Someone told me it may be down to my sickle cell trait.. Is this correct?


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It could be,but you should go to your doctor and have a complete blood work analysis done! Sickle cell trait may have nothing to do with how you are feeling. I always let my doctors know that I have sickle cell trait however.

It could be due to having low Vitamin D levels. People with sickle cell trait tend to have low vitamin D levels. Mine are extremely low, so I'm once again taking it. You could ask your PCM (primary care provider, about testing for low vitamin d levels.

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stevieque1 in reply to erica14

Do you know why we tend to have low Vit D?

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erica14 in reply to stevieque1

I'm not sure to be honest. It could be the sickled cells themselves that are causing it.

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321Peace21 in reply to erica14

Wow I also have low vitamin d levels, it is becoming more common people with sickle cell trait have low vitamin levels.

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erica14 in reply to 321Peace21

That does tend to be a thing. Not sure how its connected though. I live in America and they dont really do research on Sickle Cell Trait. The UK does though 😃, which I think is awesome!

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321Peace21 in reply to erica14

That's good that more research is being done. I don't know the connection either. Having sickle cell or sickle cell trait can cause deficiency in vitamins because they don't make enough normal blood cells for the body.

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erica14 in reply to 321Peace21

Quite possible.

You could have low ferritin, vitamin B12, folate or vitamin D levels. Go and get tested at your GP and make sure you get the results. Everyone of your results should be at least mid-range.

Be aware that very few doctors are trained in nutrition. They are only trained how to keep people from being sick therefore the values for optimal health are different for the values from stopping you being sick.

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