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Educate me further please....

Knowing all of us with SCD are experiencing

pain of various degrees most of which the so called average person couldn't tolerate as it appears our tolerance for pain is well let's say fairly high in some cases. What I haven't been able to discern on my own is why does SCD appear to affect our male counterparts worse?

Praying for all of us SCD or NOT,

Living Life.

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This is an interesting question. It is well known that the men suffer more/ worse symptoms


Hi Luvnuallways, it's Living Life,

Thank You, for your response I

just would like to know why, it is

that our brothers in the SCD

struggle suffer what it seems to be so much more than we women do.

Medically, I'd like to know what the

difference is and why. Prayers and Blessings to All and our families.


Hi Living-Life, is there any specific reason you feel this way? Reason for my question is that yes I have noticed that at the medical day unit where we go to for treatment rather than the emergency unit is we have more male patients who tend to attend far more regularly than the female patients. Some of us have had our own theory from pain relief seeking to social issues coming from loneliness. Though some of them have a far worse appearance than us. I am one of those SCD patients that can't gain weight but it looks worse on the guys probably because they are taller. What I am trying to say is that it doesn't seem to be a singular issue. When I used to live in Nigeria, I used to think that way but returning to the UK I met way more patients and I changed my perspective. Unless there's a statistics on this I really don't exactly what to think lol. For the married ones who are friends, I do feel for them being the provider of the home although they say they feel sorry for us the women since their wives had babies. Funny that.


Hi Jo19, Thank You for your reply. You asked, if there was a reason I felt this way I just wonder what is the difference

between the SCD in our male counterparts that usually makes them more ill with SCD than we females now mind you this isn't true in all cases but, from some instances I've seen its true.

Having a care unit your able to go to for care of your SCD is a wonderful thing

wish it were offered in the US. Take care of yourself.


Living Life


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