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Living with Sickle Cell Disease
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Just need help with my Sca nobody can figure out what's wrong with me and I know I have it because I got diagnosed with it when I was born. I'm always having lower back pain legs and arms be hurting at all times of the day and night to a point where I can't even walk. Went to the hospital when I was 24 with pain thru out my body and they couldn't figure out what was wrong I even got to the point where I couldn't get it of bed couldn't eat sleep or nothing and I'm tired of being thru pain

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You need to know Jesus Christ, he is the only doctor, the only physician that know what's going on


Jaygt I grew up in the church and I know Jesus Christ the Lord and the holy Spirit so please Dont use the Christ for this because I know without him I wouldn't be be right now could have died multiple of times so don't tell me about my Lord and savior cuz he my main man besides my daddy n son




Hello. I understand that you were diagnosed at birth. What you can do now is have them do a hemoglobin electrophoresis. This will determine not only that you have SCD but also the phenotype (i.e., SS, SC, etc). In addition, sounds like they need to do a full body work up. Everything can't be explained with SCD. Hope this is helpful. Peace


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