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What's Going On With You...Lets All Talk.

Hi My people, preparing to undergo minor surgery for Gallbladder Sludge as I understand it, its all the cholesterol, and other enzymes and gunk that make up Gallstones, that's making me feel miserable so they'll remove it(Gallbladder). Also found out I have another cyst on one kidney so being treated in a matter of speaking like I have diabetes as far as my diet goes. No oil,butter, mayonnaise, relish, pork, no deli meat no fried foods, no sweets of any kind. Could go on but, I won't. Now have to see Renal doctor every 4 months and have a number like headed toward kidney dialysis. Focused on taking care of my Mother, who is 97 and has been diagnosed with Dementia and getting worse, mind wise but fairly healthy body I have three siblings one in same city rarely goes other two rarely come or call. Help give me strength by speaking out about your issues so I can pray for you all. Thanks for listening, Living Life.

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I'm so sorry that there seems to be so much on your plate. Maybe try reaching out to your siblings to help you take care of your mother more. It really shouldn't be left to just you. As you know stress is a bigger for a crisis. I've had my gallbladder removed there are pros and cons to the surgery, be very careful with saturated fats and oily food. I wish you a speedy recovery after your surgery, sending positive energy your way, good luck in the future.


Hi Anzy, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I've reached out to my siblings without success. Appreciate the information you gave me regarding items to steer clear of following the Gallbladder removal which was done this morning. Since I'm losing weight I will cut more items from my diet to help out per your instructions. Thanks Anzy, what's NEW in Your world!? Living Life.

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