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I broke my knee and before that was told i needed a knee replacement has anyone gone through the procedure personally? Just curious of how long the healing process takes??

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Hi Dblak, I have not gone through knee replacement but I have friends who have done it. Everyone's healing process takes different times but it drastically reduces the pain in your knee. Good luck ☺


I have had a total at the time I was unawre that I had SCD. Healing depends. On the individual. My healing process was slow but successful. I will be having a hip replacement next month. My doctor has created a pre op and post op plan for the surgeon. The team is also on stand by in case of a pain crisis something I didn't have during my first repkacement. I wish you well and stay hydrated.


Hi Dblako1, while I have not had a knee replacement myself, I was with our Mother, both times she had them done and she is a carrier of the SC trait. Her first replacement was at age 83 and she did extremely well and had no physical therapy. Her second was at age 91 and required moderate PT afterward but, neither time did she require going to stay in a rehab facility. Mother is now 97 years of age she now has some dementia but, is still walking without pain in her two surgically replaced knees. God bless you on your journey..Living Life.


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