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I need over the counter drug for SCD pains

My chronic lower back and leg pain is running into second week in America which is second in my lifetime. This is perhaps, because I experience crisis in form of malaria in my tropical country before I got here. This pain is something new to me which has made me consume a lot of ibuprofen until I read too much of it is also at detriment of kidney.

I'm in severe pain,I can't walk nor stand very well. I don't have health insurance and I'm yet to apply for international student health insurance. I need over the counter drugs that can ease this my pain.

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Hi BlackSCD, sorry to hear that you've had this pain now for two weeks without proper pain management, unfortunately ibuprofen is not strong enough in a crisis like this, and had been proven to cause more harm than good in the long term. I don't know about American health care system as I live in th UK which has one of the best health care in the modern world

I would suggest that you go to the emergency room, and to register with a doctor who would get to know your medical history and help you out in times like this, also try and connect with charities in your area who assist people living with SCD.

Wishing you a quick recovery



Hello Black SCD, was re-reading your post regarding over the counter pain meds. Unfortunately, there really isn't one that I feel comfortable recommending for You or anyone's use. Anything I might have suggested before I knew how bad it is for us SCD folks I cannot speak on as it hurts us in unspeakable ways. Find a doctor who knows about SCD preferably a Hemotologist(blood doctor) also a primary care physician for Your care not related to SCD. Blessings, Living Life.


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