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Living with Sickle Cell Disease
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Trying to manage my sickness

I have sickle cell anemia Deal w pain every day. Looking for a natural way of dealing with pain. .can anyone help. I'm on oxygen and be in the hospital every two weeks any thoughts of how you can help

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I am really sorry that your sickle-cell is giving you so much pain, hopefully you are just going through a bad period and it will pass. Personally drinking 4 litres of alkaline water everyday has completely changed my life around, I haven't been hospitalised for over a year since I began drinking it. I also meditate to keep stress levels down and deal with my pain. I hope this helps and I wish you a speedy recovery.


Hi Bahiyyah, so sorry to hear that You are spending so much time in pain and in the hospital. Are You making sure that You keep yourself well hydrated with water and try the Alkaline water if you don't have access to that try to get Smart Water it works well also. Your primary care doctor and your Hemotologist are the best ones to manage your pain ask them about natural healing pain medicine. Blessings to you in seeking your natural meds.

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Hi Bahiyyah,

Very sorry to hear about your constant pains and frequent hospital trips.

Natural ways you can take care of yourself to minimize the frequency of pains are many. You just have to understand your body and decide on what works best for you.

For me, eating healthy especially protein rich foods, fruits and vegetables has been a great booster. Also, Staying hydrated... drinking lots of water everyday. Dressing comfortable and warm especially during cold wheather and doing all I can to minimize stress have helped me.

Lastly, difficult as it may seem, staying positive is great. We need meds, love, good nutrition and a positive out look to deal with our condition. When we have these, we fare better.

Hope these suggestions I have found very helpful for me, help you too.

Keep pushing and fighting.

Love from this end.


I see a lot of great reviews from Dr. Sebi on youtube. He actually cured sickle cell. Althought in this country they say there is no cure. Also look for master herblist Patrick delves on youtube he too has cure sickle cell with a strict doet and herbs.

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Drink water. Your body is over 60% water. Cells primary nutrient is water. The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof...created from water before it was formed. Drink water and meditate on the Word of God. Use medicine as prescribed by your doctor but drink water nothing else. In time, the pain will go away if you have faith to believe and act upon it. Praying with you not for you. We need each other.


I am so sorry to hear about the pain .Although my grandson has this disease I feel his pain, he is 2 years old has ss. He has had two attacks when he was months old now I've been seeking natural Herb .( cinnamon , nutmeg in his oat meal in the mornings .So far he has been pretty mild .I am now researching turmeric and aloe vira juice I heard it does wonders .Hopes this help. Love


I also want to say to you this is my first time on hear if I word anything that does not come out correct on hear forgive me new at this. Lots of love


Lots of water with electrolytes like smart water and propel will help. Gatorade too. I ease my pain by walking around a little and with medical marijuana but if you're on oxygen you're better off with edibles. And have you ever had a blood transfusion? It gives you a higher CBC and helps with you oxygen levels. Heating pads and blankets also helps ease pain.


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