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Cancer History

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At 44, had a left breast lumpectomy (no lymph node involvement, Stage I) followed by 6 rounds of adriamycin/cytoxan, 5 years of tamoxifen.

Fall of 2014, diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma papillary serous, discovered through a CA-125 test given to me by my primary care doctor, the only other symptom was weird hair loss. Had a radical hysterectomy and ablation, but no lymph node involvement (Stage IVb). Had 6 rounds of carboplatin/paclitaxel.

I had my papillary serous carcinoma tumor analyzed by Foundation One for genetic components--very helpful for future treatments and to join specific clinical trials.

Rising CA-125 and CT scan confirm start of ascites, given 6 rounds of Opdivo. New scan shows splenic lesion and peripancreatic nodule. Given 2 more rounds of Opdivo. My doctor keeps saying things get worse on immunotherapy before they get better. After 8 rounds of Opdivo, the CT scan says the lesion on the spleen is bigger, and the nodule is bigger. I'm pretty upset at my doctor and she has a breakdown. I feel that she keeps me in the dark and fails to articulate the issues that lead her to make the decisions she does--although her decisions were good, she couldn't share information and I'm all about being informed.

March, 2017, started infusion (number of rounds yet to be determined) carboplatin/doxil. Have changed doctors to a Mr. Science type that explains everything, uses science jargon, and draws pictures of normal cells and cell mutations--I love this guy.

Currently working on obtaining a prescription of Zejula (niraparib), newly FDA-approved PARP-inhibitor that extends outcomes fourfold. PARP inhibitor increase outcomes for BRCA carriers and non-carriers alike. My tumor profile has a BRCA variant of "unknown significance." This is a once-a-day pill, with side effects. The hang-up is that it is FDA-approved for ovarian cancer even though papillary serous carcinoma is the same whether in the uterus or ovaries.

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wishing you all the best on your new treatment plan. I like the fact that you mentioned that this new drug is also offered to non Brca carriers. I will be praying for you teal sister.


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