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I don't see my hair falling out from ibrance, but it seems to be getting thinner 3 yrs on ibrance. Helena

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Hi Iwouldlike2knowmore,

Yeah, I have the same thing, although I think mine started thinning earlier than 3 years in (congrats, btw, that's a nice long run on Ibrance, wishing you many more years on it! :) ).

My hair falls out gradually so I don't often notice an unusual amount coming out, but the cumulative effect is dramatic! I guess that each hair now "lives" (stays attached?) for only a short while because my hair also doesn't grow...I haven't had a hair cut in nine months and it's still only 2-3 inches long, not much longer than it was after my last cut.

So it's convenient and money-saving (!!!) but does look pretty crappy all the time. I just remind myself that I wasn't put on this Earth to look pleasing to other people (! :) ), plus it seems like a small price to pay for the treatment...

Although I have read on this board about people taking....biotin?...for hair loss and early on my doc said that Rogaine/similar really helps. I'm just sort of at max capacity for pills/treatments, so haven't added either of these...

Good luck with it, though....


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Iwouldlike2knowmore in reply to

Thanks for the information, Maybe I will try Biotin. Thanks Helena

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AnnaP668 in reply to Iwouldlike2knowmore

Only problem is that biotin can ellevate your tumor markers so hold it a couple of days before your blood work. It does help, especially with my fingernails.

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Oh Lynn, always love your spirit. (not put on this earth). Always great to read your posts.

Cheers, June S.

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Kdiet in reply to

My onc recommended Biotin and Biosil twice a day.

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I have hair extensions

Careful re biotin as it can affect tumour markers

Barb x

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Iwouldlike2knowmore in reply to Barbteeth

Hair extensions are expensive , aren't they. Helena

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Barbteeth in reply to Iwouldlike2knowmore

Very!!!... but worth it and last about 5 months

Barb xx

in reply to Barbteeth

Ah! So that's your secret! I seem to recall you posting pics from a daughter's wedding (?) and you looked gorgeous, including your hair! :)

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Lokio in reply to

Where do you go for extensions? My salon doesn't do that. I'd love to try it. I have a wig and I'm not thrilled with how it feels

in reply to Barbteeth

...and, Barb, I hope you're doing well, maybe even done with the treatments? No pressure to update us, but I'm sure I'm just one of many here who are concerned and hopeful for you... (heart)

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Timtam56 in reply to

Yes barbteeth.

I’m wondering about you too. As Lynn said. No need to reply. I just think of some of you so often, and yet, having this little baby dog, Stevie, in my life is overwhelming me.

But I just really want yo to know I’m thinking 9f you Barb.


From down under.

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hdhonda in reply to Barbteeth

You have been missed. Hope you will visit when you can. Hugs to you. Blessings Hannah

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8576 in reply to Barbteeth

Missing you! How are you doing anyhow? Hope you had a great summer. Well as great as we get these days.

Cheers, June S.

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hopefulinadks in reply to Barbteeth

how so?

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hopefulinadks in reply to Barbteeth

How does biotin affect tumor markers?

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AnnaP668 in reply to hopefulinadks

Raises it. Hold it for a couple of days before your next blood work.

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mariootsi in reply to Barbteeth

Barb, Miss your posts! Glad to see your post today! Hope you are well. Please update us when you feel comfortable!



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Mmmm yes I've noticed a difference , but so far noone else has. I was recommended something by a friend but I think it was hormone related, so presume not to be recommended. Carolyn

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My hair has become so thin that I wear a wig. Every one says how good I look but I do wish I didn"t feel the need to. My hair wasn"t very thick to start with and the thinness is worse in 2 particular places. What a bummer. Myproblems started after 3 months, I have been on palbo for just over 2years. Fay

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I am the same as the others. I have just started Ibrance. Trying to find the right dosage. I am on two weeks on, one week off, but I think my hair is thinning. My hair is fine so I expect it will show more quickly.

Cheers, June S.

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My hair thins too. I don't know anything about hair extensions. Barb is our expert on those. You might want to put biotin through a drug checker. It doesn't mix well with some drugs. Hope you fine something that works. Best of luck. Blessings Hannah

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My hair has thinned so much that I have started wearing a wig. It makes me feel better Have been on ibrance and letrozole for a year and a half....

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Thinning here too, but it is what it is...I stopped heat styling, use gentle products and keep it trimmed. I have curly hair so I can move it around & disguise the thinner areas. I do also use a hair powder (IIRC it's by Joan Rivers) that you apply to your scalp & it 100% looks natural. Just some scalp camo, LOL.

I was told by my onc to not take hair vitamins because they contain antioxidants which in our situation is counterproductive.

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mariootsi in reply to SpongebobMom

Antioxidants are counterproductive?

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SpongebobMom in reply to mariootsi

yes, it's something that you can google...please discuss with your dr either way.

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mariootsi in reply to SpongebobMom

I will. Thank you.

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Helena, my hair is thinning too from Ibrance. Very gradual but very noticeable.

I'm thinking about letting it go gray. I've stopped coloring it during lockdown hoping maybe it will grow back without chemicals from hair dye.

I don't take biotin because some girls here have talked about it affecting tumor markers.

It makes me sad but so thankful to still be on Ibrance.

My initial dx I got chemo and lost all my hair, my eyebrows and eye lashes so I am glad that all grew back! Although my hair came back white and wavy. Subsequently had haircuts to get rid of the frizz, as texture changed and started coloring again. Grew back thick again...but thinning within this past year.

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My fine hair has thinned after nearly 3 years on Ibrance (December ) , However, I make the most of what I have keeping it in a very short Bob , with some layers , having some blonde highlights , and having the ends trimmed often (as they get frizzy if left too long! ). I also use a Dyson low heat hairdryer to give it a quick 5 min style and apply a smoothing gel before and after styling ( to control any frizz ). This all helps to make it look a bit fuller. I haven’t ever taken biotin x

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Hi there.

I have very thin, fine hair to begin with. It grew back thick and curly post chemo but it has gone back to its original. I had a cropped style done two weeks ago and I love it! No hair on my neck to be bothered with during hot flashes and flushing. So many cute pins and clips and hair bands to style it (Txs Amazon) Makes my thin, fine hair have more volume. It’s pretty much wash and go. I’ve been on Ibrance for 16 months, I have no patching. If it gets like that, I’ll look into some hair restore therapy or learn to live with scarves and cute earrings haha. Those gals on YouTube are amazing how they tie them! I can’t take wigs and extension I’ve heard mixed reviews about.

Take care 🙂


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I have taken Ibrance and now on Verzenio and my hair is ridiculous,

IT IS SO VERY BRITTLE, some falls out! I’ve tried EVERYTHING to soften it! It doesn’t grow and my stylist doesn’t really think I should color it because it’s so brittle! I have NEVER had any problems with my hair until this past year! I finally have resorted to buying a pretty wig to wear when I go out! Everyone loves it , but I really don’t like having to wear it all the time! If anyone has any of these issues with their hair because of the medication we take, I would appreciate hearing what I can do to make it better! Thanks everyone! Kathy

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My hair has gone crazy. Usually curly. It’s straight or frizzy in some places andnnot others. I was a hairdresser. So you would think I’d know what to do about it! Nup. It’s just awful hair now.

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I have been wondering about this. My hair is thinning a bit and I wondered if there was a good shampoo to help delay that. Also, my stick straight hair now is wavy... At least the part that has grown since being on Ibrance /Letrozole. Unexpected but I suppose the advantage is it gives a look of volume where the hair is getting thinner. If anyone finds a good shampoo that doesn't impact tumour markers, I'd love to know!


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Teddielottie in reply to TeddyChowChow

Hello ! I tried shampoos for the over 50s early on ( I will have been on Ibrance 3 years in December ) but I don’t think they made much difference to the thinning / change in hair texture . Like you , I had straight fine hair and now the texture has changed and it is wavy too in places . I find keeping it in a very short bob helps and I apply a tiny blob of hair smoother to stop it frizzing ( both before and after styling ). The one I use is ‘ Joico K-pak smoothing balm ‘ which my lovely hairdresser introduced me to , but is also sold on Amazon . I don’t know if something like this may be of help to you too ? x

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I'm on Ibrance almost three years. I noticed that my hair was falling out more, but I attributed it to my hair being too long because of not getting a hair cut (and boy, do I need a cut and thinning). However, most of my body hair is gone and my eyelashes and eyebrows are thinning. Oh well, it's a small price to pay to be cancer-free!

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