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Help! Elevated liver enzymes!

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Ladies! I need your help. I am on ibrance, letrozole, and zoladex and have been for almost 4 years. For the past 2 months my liver enzymes have been mildly elevated. Last month AST was 50 and ALT was normal. This month AST=52 and ALT=42. I have Mets to the bone. What did anyone’s liver enzymes look like when it first progressed to liver? Do you think it’s progressed? The only thing different is the ibrance was switched from the capsule to the tablet-but that was a manufacturing thing. Anyone else had this happen? I need your thoughts and your experience!

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First of all congratulations on your long term use of Ibrance/Letrozole. 4 years is wonderful. Secondly I would tell you that your AST and ALT is barely elevated and I certainly would not be concerned with those results. Elevated liver enzymes happen for many reasons(and yours I don't even consider elevated). I know it is difficult with this disease not to think progression but honestly if you talk to your oncologist I would bet they aren't even worried about those results. When were your last scans? They would be a far better indicator of what is happening. Take care.


Hi there

Amazing news on being on Ibrance for 4 years. Please don’t spiral into a panic about your levels - breath - and discuss with your Oncologist, it may well be nothing at all. Sandra has given you great advice. Sorry I can’t be of any help in the liver department, I just wanted to offer you my support.

Clare x

Hi, I am on Ibrance and Letrozole and when I go for treatment I am only told that my bloods are good and levels are fine. I need to ask more really as for 18months I have accepted that. I never get to see any results and take it all for granted. My Oncologist informed me a month ago that the Cancer was stable, lung, lymph node and bones. I have Denosumab injections for bone strengthening. I would be interested to know your outcome. Hope it’s positive for you.

Sending virtual hugs


Thank! I have scans in a few weeks. They were already scheduled prior to lab work

I am like you. My cancer center in NY does not even use tumor markers. The oncos there say it is not an indication of anything. I dont keep spreadsheets or tracks. I just need to know when I have my CT scan has it spread or not spread and if it spread, what is next? I just need that info, I am not interested in all the rest bc in the end the spreading of it is the most important thing to me.

My sentiments entirely. Not sure I could take all the medical jargon in.

Take care


My ALT level was slightly elevated when I first started treatment in 2018, but by the next scan it was normal again. So I think it was just an adjustment to treatment. Have you spoken to your oncologist about your concerns? He or she will be in a better position to advise you. I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet and think the disease has progressed. I hope you can get some reassurance soon so that you are not left worrying for too long.

Take care,


Dear Fight,

I don't know anything about it but Sandra does for sure. I am betting that all is okay. Best wishes. Blessings Hannah

I think all these drugs can aggravate your liver. Those numbers are barely elevated. They had me on tamoxifen 20mg for a few months and it was enough to give me numbers similar to yours. As soon as the tamoxifen was out of my system my numbers came back down. I wouldn’t worry too much!! Enjoy your weekend! Take care, Mandy

Four years and going strong. When was your last scan? I wish you continued success on the Ibrance combo that seems to work do well for you🙏

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