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Metastatic breast cancer symptoms


In july my tsh was 6.49 till August m not taking any med. No test till now. It's been almost 9 10 months I have swelling above my right collarbone which is only seen when m standing when I m lying or sitting it's not there. Then I have swollen right arm not looks swollen but bigger in few inches. I had horrible back pain at nights. Neck pain shoulder which come and went.. now I don't have any pain.. it's been 3 weeks now. Urinary incontinence is happening I have loss bladder control. Urine leaks out and I cant control it frequent urination. But from tomorrow theres decreased urination almost nothing comes out. I have urge to urinate but no urine comes out. Today I have drink almost 3 4 glasses but no urine comes out only bad urge to urinate...

Please someone with stage 4 metastatic cancer tell me If this happens to someone as symptoms.. coz I have read metastatic breast cancer symptoms on Google..

There was urinary incontinence or no urine symptoms given for metastatic breast cancer..

Little by little those symptoms are happening to me..

Please anyone don't get angry just please help me by telling if anyone had these symptoms when your cancer had spread to ur bones or kidney or back anywhere..

Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏 anyone..

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I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling unwell

You need to consult your doctor immediately and get a diagnosis....we’re not doctors on here and even if we were we wouldn’t be able to diagnose anything without a physical examination and scans and blood tests

I feel from your post that you’re scared you have mbc which needs addressing...I hope you don’t have it but if you do then that’s more reason to get treatment ASAP ....

I hope you get medical help soon

Barb xx

Hi I know we shouldn't Google but I know sometimes it's too tempting. As others have said we aren't doctors, you need to see your own doctor to find out what it is.I haven't had those symptoms myself. I know your scared but please don't Google anymore listen to your doctor instead. All the best

Good morning,

I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

I agree with the others on this post, you should consult with your doctor immediately, as we cannot offer medical advice. I have stopped using Google as it often gives conflicting information.

Please keep us in the loop. Sending love and light!

xo Jade

I was misdiagnosed for almost two years . Go see your doctor right away, preferably an oncologist, and if you have any history of cancer be very, very pushy about having him or her do full battery of tests. My symptoms were fairly random, not on the usual "lists." It is scary to think of cancer, so we tend to avoid the doctors, but the sooner you find out the sooner you can be treated for whatever it is.

I don’t or never had those symptoms. As others have said to see a doctor. Do you or have you ever had breast cancer ?

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I did have swelling in my back before I got diagnosed. It went down since the ibrance/letrazole treatment. And I have bladder problem which are unrelated. But I agree. Go to docs,,

And don’t rest until they check you out.

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You had bladder problem because of cancer

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No. It was an issue prior to having cancer.

I feel like you should contact your onc or primary care doc to resolve your issues.


I don't think TSH numbers are related to breast cancer. Maybe you should talk to the doctor who ordered the blood test that showed elevated TSH.

I hope you find answers soon and that they are favorable. Blessings Hannah

Regarding swelling at your collarbone and arm. Not sure if you had a mastectomy? I had a modified radical mastectomy then years later a small mass by my collarbone. Surgeon said site is where lymph nodes were cut from mastectomy - cancer cells remained and later mass formed. I have arm swelling -aka lymphedema and wear compression sleeve. As others have said -best you speak to your doctor ASAP. Good luck. 🙏

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