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GemCarbo combo? Does anyone have experience?

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I was in the MATCH trial for exactly 28 days. Although my nausea and weak appetite started the week before Christmas, it spiraled down the past 2 weeks. Then I had nausea and half of the anti nausea meds interfered w trial med. finally, the past 2 weeks escalated to vomiting 1-4 times per day. My last day was vomiting every 60-90 minutes. Thankfully, I had an appointment w oncologist. I hadn’t eaten 4 days on top of it all so I was extremely weak that they admitted me to the hospital. Been here since Tuesday.

They did scans and looks like the trial failed me. I have growth in liver, spot on pancreas.

Bad news: growth and I’m out of the trial.

Good news: I had pizza today! I can take all nausea meds now. Cyprexa (sp) seems to work great. I take it at night and it lasts 24 hours. And then I also got Ativan for during day but haven’t needed it. I’ll start chemo Tuesday with the gemcarbo combination.

Still positive...still believe in miracles.

Keeping the faith. ❤️

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Snowcone, I am so sorry you are feeling so miserable and that the trial did not work for you. It is amazing to me that you have the spirit to enjoy the pizza and go forward. I haven't done your chemo, so cannot comment on that, but wishing you the best outcome from this new regime, and will pray every day that those d@mn spots disappear!

Oh you poor lady

You’ve had a horrible experience..glad you enjoyed your pizza

Good luck with your next treatment

Barb xx

So sorry Snowcone. It sounds like you have had a terrible time and certainly were a trooper through it but quality of life has to come first and now you can move on with your new treatment regime. I don't have any experience with your new combo but I'm sure someone will be able to help along those lines. The good news is that you will be given preventative medications with this protocol to manage potential side effects and give you your life back as you start this new journey. Think of the trial as a bump in the road and now you've jumped over it and are ready to fight again. Good luck!


Snowcone, I'm so sorry about the miserable discomfort, even more sorry for the progression. I'm glad to hear that you're eating again! I want to say thank you so much for participating in the trials and telling us about them. You are truly helping all of us when you do this. When my current regimen fails, I will be pursuing trials as well.

Snowcone 16, you poor thing. It sounds like you’ve been having a terrible time of it.

Try to stay positive. Remember, every thing doesn’t work for every one. What will work for one person, may not for another. The next line of treatment might just work like a charm for you. Enjoy your bit of grub, nothing like a pizza to hit that spot 🤤

Living with nausea is dreadful, at least now you might get a bit of relief.

As you said, “Keep the faith” 🤞🏻

Oh gosh I am sorry you had to go through all that. I couldn't stay on my trial either because of the horrible side effects. I hope this no protocol works for you and I admire you for staying so positive. Sending you hugs and prayers.


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