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The magic of other species in our lives!

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Gosh, ladies...I came across this video on LinkedIn, of all places, and wanted to share, especially since I know that some of you ride horses and many of us have beloved pets in our lives. The powerful connection that Peyo, the horse in this video, has with the patients is amazing. Just as human connections are incredibly important to us, as we deal with all this...stuff..., so are connections to other species. I know that my dogs, especially the scruffy little blind one ( :) ), help me through some things in ways that humans just can't...

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Hi lynn

That horse is incredible..and I understand totally why he has that effect on very ill people

Horses are very very sensitive to our feelings..I have two daughters ride one and the other is my special horse..when I was diagnosed I didn’t ride him for about 4 months but when I eventually got back on he really looked after me..he was a spooky lively horse before but his behaviour has improved so much..I’m sure he’s picked up the fact that I’m not very well and weaker than I used to be ..consequently I’ve been able to gradually ride more and getting back into faster work without getting worried about him behaving badly

Thanks for posting this..made my day

Barb x

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for sharing this video. I saw it on Facebook recently when one of my friends posted it. It is wonderful to see therapy horses visiting people in hospital. I often come across horses in fields while I am walking clients' dogs. I'll stop and day hello to the horses. I think they are wonderful animals!

Enjoy your day!

Sophie ❤

Agree totally

Sister/Warrior thank-you for this beautiful you tube video, that yes made me tear up. I believe all living species, are Gods creations. Everything God created was meant to bring joy. I like cats, and other animals, but I have severe tested allergies to cats, and other airborne substances, and certain foods. I am suppose to carry an Epi- pen at all times. My doctor said many years ago don't become attached to or, get a dog. I do like playing with my girlfriends dog, and my nieces dog, but I have to wash my hands, and take an over the counter allergy pill along with 2 natural capsules before I visit with them. I love animal videos, but I am not trying to get up, and close to try to hug a bear, or lion. God did give us wisdom. LOL. I do pray we will all enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. XoXoXoXo

I'm so sorry about your animal allergies! And glad you have access to some pets. They sure help me live in the present, since they so totally do that!

I saw that on the news. Amazing!!! My husband went through Equine therapy when is when in a rehab center for alcoholics. He said it was so cool and the horse knew exactly how my husband was feeling.

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