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NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers


Hi all, Just wanted to be sure that everyone has the list of NCI cancer centers. The "comprehensive cancer centers" are the top tier. I'll mention that it is not uncommon for patients to use the cancer centers as a secondary oncologists, to stay in the pool for trials, and have access to the latest/greatest, all while continuing care with the current docs. This is is how I did it, and my doc at Sloan Kettering said that many of her patients came in a few times a year, or only as needed when considering a change. Seems like a no-lose proposition!

Here's the link.....

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Thank you, again, LynnFish! It's kind of you to share this link.

Thanks for sharing this information!

I wonder why Mayo Clinic isn’t on it.

in reply to Sunnydaz

Hi Sunnydaz (I like your name! :) )...It looks to me like they are on the list...if you click through to the alphabetical listing, Rochester, Minnesota... They're a Comprehensive Cancer Center... :)

in reply to LynnFish

Thanks Lynn

I go to Mayo in Florida. I totally missed Rochester etc

Hence the name lol

Thank you Lynn for giving us the link.

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