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Fluctuating ALT and AST liver function levels

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Hi. I have breast cancer ER positive that metastasized metastasized to the vertebrate. I have been on fluctuating and Ibrance since June. In Oct my liver ALT and AST levels have been elevated, then decreased and went up steadily for 2 months, and have gone back down this month (not to a normal range, but still decreased to 88U.

Has anyone else experienced fluxuating liver ALT and AST levels. It's not hepatitis. Tested negative.

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Hello. I was looking at my lab work for the last couple of months and see that my AST levels are high also...63U, and my ALT level is in the normal range of 16 U. My doctor has never commented on these numbers. Is your doctor worried about your liver function? A CT scan in Sept showed that I had a " lumpy" liver whatever that means. I would say that our bloodwork fluctuates from month to month. If your Oncologist isn't concerned about it and your scans are good, I wouldn't worry.

How are you doing on the Ibrance? I have bone mets too and my back aches a lot! What do you use for pain? Wishing you good luck with your your treatments! Kats3

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Hi kats, my doctor has ordered a pet scan n an ulta sound, both of which i dont have the reports back yet. I went to get a second opinion, and that oncoligist told me he didnt think the cancer had gone to the liver because the #s have fluxuated and are going lower. He said the levels r not that high. My ASL went up to 126. So your AST isnt that high. Did u google what these levels indicate. Its different for different ast n alt combinations.

You should ask what a lumpy liver means. I have found through this cancer experience that our strongest avocate is ourself. Ask as many questions as you need to. We deserve information from the experts.

My back hurts but not too much, from the 2 tumors being removed from the L1 .

letrozole can also increase liver levels as well as, hepititas, the ketogenic diet, some mushrooms, and alcohol.

How long have you been on ibrance?

Sending loving support to you.

Thanks for giving me your input.

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Hi again Bonnadella,

You're right. I need to ask what a lumpy liver means. I'll put that on my question list for next week's Dr. appt. I know that when I had my first CT scan 2 yrs ago I was sent for an ultrasound of my liver and was told that if anything significant showed up that I would have to have further tests. Nothing dramatic showed up and I've had 2 more CT scans since.

I pretty much gave up alcohol since all this mets business started though I'll have wine or a mixed drink now and again. Funny how you mentioned mushrooms as I've started drinking tea and coffee with mushroom extracts in them. I got these from the Health Food Store. They say mushrooms have medicinal value. I'm having bloodwork done on Monday in preparation for my Wed. Appt. I'm anxious to see if my tumor markers have gone down. So far my Oncologist has approved my supplements. They're all organic and Whole Foods.

I'm not on Ibrance. I'm on Xeloda. My markers were climbing the last 2 months and my doctor has brought up Ibrance. We'll see if he keeps me on Xeloda or switches me. It's all nerve wracking.

Is a ketogenic diet a vegetarian diet? Never heard of it.

I always get a copy of my bloodwork #s and they show the range of what is normal and what is low or high, so I don't need to Google it. Do you get copies of your lab work?

Let me know what your ultrasound and pet scans show. I'll bet they'll be fine especially if the 2nd doctor wasn't alarmed.

Bye for now! Kats3

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Bonnadella in reply to Kats3

Thanks so much for your encouragement. Keto diet is about 80% fat,20% protein, n almost no carbs. It is used for epilepsy n some studies with cancer patients.

Thanks for ur support.


I was just thinking that if your doctor was really concerned about your liver he'd order a liver scan for you. My mother had both a bone and liver scan done before seeing her surgeon about treating her breast cancer.

Also, as an aside, they say taking Milk Thistle helps to cleanse and detoxify the liver as you are receiving chemo. It's sold in capsule form. I take 1-2 capsules a day as I'm on oral chemo and want my liver to be in as good condition as possible in order to process these harsh poisons that go through my body. Milk Thistle is an herb that's been around for ages. My doctor approves of it. I buy mine at the Health store but it's available at pharmacies.


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Bonnadella in reply to Kats3

Thanks. I'll buy the milk thistle.

My doctor has ordered Pet and Ultra scans. Liver one is for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Hi again Bonnadella,

Did you get the results from your scans yet?


yes. all good. I go see a gastroenterologist in Feb. Thanks so much for asking!

Why are you seeing a Gastroenterologist? Saw my doc today. My markers are up again. He's letting me stay on Xeloda for another month or two. I'm having a CT scan at the end of March. I'll know more about the state of my liver and rest of my body and bones then.

Glad your scans came out good. You must be relieved. How are your tumor markers? Also the AlPhos number reflects what's going on in your bones. My AlPhos number is climbing slowly too. We can't worry about everything though. We have to trust in a Higher Power to help us navigate our way along this uncertain path. It's called Faith.

Wishing you faith and hope! Kats3

I had fluctuating AST and ALT on and off in the past following treatment with a taxane. I met with a liver specialist, and was told the numbers were ok but if it elevated to a much higher number without coming down she would want to see me. Your oncologist will usually want to repeat the metabolic panel when this happens.

I am stage 4 metatastic breast cancer spread to bones & liver -on capecitabane which is working ! Have now elevated ALT levels ( 193) and cannot restart medication -very annoying -

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