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March 3 is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day. What do you wish the general pubic knew about Triple Negative Breast Cancer?

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. . . that this is a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer that does not respond to many of the therapies that would otherwise be available to treat it.

I wish people knew that MBC is NOT curable. Triple negative is particularly bad.

I wish they knew that it is a very aggressive form of breast cancer. I am not triple negative myself but from what I understand it is aggressive.

Thete is no treatment

That I hate it..I pray they come up with a cure..

I think he general public lump all breast cancer together they find it difficult to differenciate between the various sub types

That there aren’t enough treatments to combat it, it’s survival rate it poor in comparison to other subtypes, and more research needs to be funded.

I messed up and didn't comment in the voting part, but wanted to add that cancer can morph from hormone positive to triple negative, which was/is the case with me. And, yes, TNBC is harder to treat, but (so far) doable, but with chemotherapy and immunotherapy. I also read that a vaccine for TNBC is in clinical trials. It might not help me, but hopefully will work and get approved to help others. Here's a link to the announcement:

Well I'd like to tell them the first year is a struggle, it was for me, the surgery and chemo. I had a hard time my white cis and red counts just kept going down so I was in the hospital a lot. After the chemo though, Id like people t know, they just don't do anything more...we don't go on a medication to keep it from returning,,,we just wait, in a bit of fear, not knowing, I think thats the hardest part. When can we really feel safe?