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One thing after another


Hi All,

I thought I might be spared anymore issues, but I lucked out. A few days ago I noticed my mediport catether near my neck(collar bone area) looked red and swollen, I made an appointment to see the surgeon who originally placed it and he said it needs to come out due to possible infection. Before this could take place I had to have a blood test and COVID-19 test...all tests were clear and fine. The surgeon removed the mediport in his office, and I have to say it was gruelingly PAINFUL. apparently there was pus underneath the port, and the multiple times he injected me with anesthesia wasn't taking because of the infection. The doctor did not close up the incision but packed the hole up with guaze and taped it up. I'm on antibiotics now and I was told to remove the gauze, shower, and pack up the hole again with guaze. I don't know about you folks but seeing a gapping hole in my chest and trying to stuff it up, was freaking me out. I did manage to put some gauze in there but not as much as the doctor, I suppose you need gapping bloody holes to not get phased by it.

The redness has seemed to go down except where the catether tube was in my neck/ collarbone that is still red but doesn't hurt to the touch, it actually feels hard like if there is still a tube in there. My question to the group is, has anyone had a similar experience, is the hardness where the tube was normal, will that go away?

I have a follow up appointment with my doctor in 2 days, so I'm hoping infection will have cleared up and the hole can be stitched up.

My Oncologist team is aware of this situation, and now want to continue my infusions via my veins (I still need to finish the Herceptin and Perjeta regime till Oct). I'm nervous about that since I have very difficult veins, but now I'm nervous also about getting another port implanted in the other side.

Seems like there is always one thing after another.

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Karina, I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. They and you will figure out some way for you to get treatment. Just share your concerns with the staff.

Karina66 in reply to quilting66

Thank you. I still have reddness around my neck and not really convinced it was the port causing this infection. On Monday when I see the surgeon again, I'm going to ask for an X-ray to be done, if he does not want to do one, I am going to go either to my primary care doctor or Oncologist and get another opinion.

Wow Karina, you are so strong. I would’ve been crying and screaming while the doctor was doing that to me😱😰 when I did chemo last year I only had 4 cycles but I cried each time because I have bad veins and it always took more than 3 nurses to find my veins. They would poke me at least a good 4 times or more to find the right one😰

Hopefully your wound will heal🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

And hopefully your nurses can find your veins quickly. They always told me to eat salty things the night before but I always forgot 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe that will help you. Best of luck💕

Karina66 in reply to Mmnyc

Thank you for the advice on salt, I've been told drinking allot of water would help too. For now I'm going to be like Scarlet O'Hara from Gone with the Wind, and think about it some more tomorrow...because "tomorrow is another day" cause with cancer you never know what each day will bring, so no point thinking too much about it.

I’m sorry you are having this problem it definitely sounds painful. Hopefully those antibiotics will clear up the infection an things will get back on track.

Karina66 in reply to Sarcie

Thank you, I'll keep you posted on what happens.

I’d do one treatment without the port...since you’re only going till October with treatment, count how many u have left and then decide if u want another port...just a thought 😀

Karina66 in reply to Rhwright12

Thank you, I will definitely look at that and I'll speak with my Oncologist, although I have a feeling he'd want me to do the full course. This cancer business is very lucrative, every time I get my insurance claim summary, I am just blown away by how much everything is. Several houses could have been bought....but then when it comes to one's health money should be no object. I'm just thankful for the company insurance.

Rhwright12 in reply to Karina66

Yes u definitely have to complete the course...I just meant to see if your veins could tolerate it without the port...I know people who have done several Herceptin without a port. If u only have 4 or 5 left between now and October it might be worth it to see if u could tolerate it without it...😀

Sorry you have to go thru all that. 🤝

Karina66 in reply to Cu4281

It's a drag for sure, but if this is the worst of it that I have to go through, then it's not so bad. Keeping the chin up.

That sounds horrible. My late fiance had a line in his arm that he complained about several times. The Dr that put it in kept saying it's fine. Well we ended up on a holiday weekend with him being so sick, only to find out the line was infected. Then the staff working that shift wanted to run meds there. I'm so thankful we had a good infections disease Dr who had the line removed. I definitely feel your frustrations. Before I developed cancer, I had an infected cyst removed from the center of my chest. The hole was around the size of a grape, the big ones. I had to pack with medicated packing. It would take less and less each time. I would express your concern about your veins. Are they doing a PICC line or plan to stick you each time? Ask your Dr if any of the meds you still need will burn. I was told that's why I needed a port instead of a PICC. Best of luck to you.

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