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Web survey for $175


Hello, my friends at Superior Reporting asked me to pass this along to all Breast Cancer patients. They have two empty spots for a 1.5 hour interview for patients stage 1-3 or triple negative metastatic. They are a very reputable company and i have done several studies with them before. The study will be teleconference and is for tomorrow. They are paying $175. Here is the info in case you are interested


Thank you for agreeing to help us with getting more patients for our study.

The interview times are 8:30am CT or 3:15pm CT tomorrow. The online interview will last 75 minutes and they will be paid $175.00 for their time.

We are looking for females 35-75 years old who have been diagnosed with stage II-IV cancer.

We are looking for the sub-type triple negative.

Please have them email or call me today at 813-443-4253 if they are interested.

Thank you again! We appreciate it!


Superior Recruiting




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I am not triple negative. Can i still participate?

It never hurts to try and at least get yourself in their database for further studies!!

Yeah its only for triple negative 😁

Is this only for US? I'm in UK & fit criteria

in reply to mena52

No, I believe it’s open to UK and Canada also!!

I wish triple neg had been in the head line! That rules so many of us out and the $175 attracts many of us!

I am Triple neg but didn't see in time. I could have used the money too.

I didn't see this in time. Sorry.

There’s another one up now!

How do I find it?

Click on my pic, it will take you to my page with all the latest posts.

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