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New to world of Cancer

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I was diagnosed with Paget's disease of the nipple, a rare form of breast caner on September 24, 2019. The first few days, I felt horrible with thoughts rushing. But after the first week, I immersed myself in work and have kind of been in a denial stage. I'm scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow to see if my nipple is the only area with cancer. My mother had breast cancer at 29 and beat it, along with both sets of grandmothers. I took the genetic test to determine my risk as well. Im here to become more knowledgeable and gain the support of others experiencing similar trials.

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Hang in there! Many times, the anxiety is worse than treatment. Prayers that your BC is confined and cured. God bless you! XO Linda

You're absolutely right. The waiting on different test results has taken a toll on me literally lol

Welcome!! You will find that this group is great at sharing information and support. Don't be afraid to post anything - we have all been through tough times and the support is very helpful. Please let us know what the results of your MRI are. The many new treatments mean there are lots of options that weren't available even 5 years ago. Praying you find great support and knowledge here and with your treatment team

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Well, scheduled for a lumpectomy next week. They are removing my left nipple and areola on my left breast. There are also taking some of the tissue. My doctor says if the tissue is positive that I'll have to do chemo, hormone therapy and radiation. But if negative, I'll only need to do radiation probably.

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They are also going to do a sentinel lymph node removal surgery also.

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Lumpectomies are great - recovery time is much better and it is just as safe as mastectomies. Radiation is pretty much standard procedure. Chemo usually depends on your stage and type. They will know more after analyzing the tissue they take. Sentinel lymph node is done to check to make sure it hasn’t spread- also pretty standard. Praying you have the best possible results. Please keep us updated!! I had lumpectomies on each breast and am doing great. Once you know what the next step is, we can help you so much more. There are so many great options- I was amazed by the progress between my two cancers and it is even better now!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

I forgot to tell you I had no drains

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