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Recently diagnosed with DCIS

This past week I received the report from my biopsy that I have DCIS. My doctor is recommending a lumpectomy. I haven't even met with him yet to discuss the plan of treatment. My appointment is in 5 days. I've taken it pretty well and know that it could be much worse. The more I read online the more I get worried. Should I just stop reading things?! Part of me is worried because I haven't had a meltdown yet!

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No need for a meltdown. DCIS is one of the best diagnoses you can receive. First you have to figure out what grade your biopsy showed. Low, medium or high. That's should help you figure out how to proceed with treatment. I would recommend you staying away from blogs they can be scary. You should definitely do your research. breastcancer.org is a excellent site to get information. Also it is beneficial to talk to a survivor who has been through what you are going through now. sharecancersupport.org has a BC support line manned by fellow survivors 9am-9pm. They can also set you up with a Peer who can help you through this process. You are going to be fine just know that you have time to figure out what you want to do. There is absolutely no hurry!!!

God Bless and know you have lots of support out there😊


Thank you! I have always been very healthy! Go to the doctor once a year for my pap and mammogram and that's it. Thank you for the information.

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Relax and breath easily You have a great prognosis If I was going to suggest any reading for you, this would be the one: Stop Cancer Fund They have a great publication about DCIS and treatments for it To access the publication go to stopcancerfund.org/in-the-n...

But don't talk yourself into having a melt down Feeling anxious reach out and post

Best of luck


Thank you. Feeling much better today!


Glad to hear it Stay positive The lumpectomy is really no big deal I am sure you will come out of this a winner



I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Learning more about your diagnosis is very helpful but you need to be selective about where you turn for your information.

I would suggest some websites that can be very helpful. The sites include SHAREcancersupport.org. On that site you will find webinars about breast cancer. SHARE also has a Helpline. You can call in and ask to speak with someone that has been diagnosed with DCIS. BreastCancer.org has comprehensive information about DCIS or Stage 0. Included on that site are questions to ask your surgeon as well as information about how to read a pathology report. With that information you will have a greater understanding of the biopsy findings. The American Cancer Society has information on Stage 0 cancer. On January 31 BreastCancerAction. org will have a webinar about DCIS.

I wish you peace and calm as you go through this journey.

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Good morning! I KNOW how you feel, the same thing is recommender for me and i haven't met with the doctor. I have my actual appointment Feb 2nd. I to was reading up on everything, and my daughter asked that i not do it anymore. Her advice was "it's just going to depress you more. Prayers for you!


I had DCIS, lumpectomy & radiation.

Was back at work fairly soon after.

Had radiation appointments after work.

Recovered quickly. Resumed normal activities.

Stop reading negative posts. Get positive support from SHARE, other groups. You will do fine.

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Everybody responds differently to getting a diagnosis of breast cancer. I think that depends on your nature in general and how you normally handle stress and adversities. I was diagnosed with a high grade DCIS in September 2016, had a lumpectomy in October and will be finishing 20 days of radiation today. Other than radiation fatigue, I'm feeling fine. Looking forward to healing, moving forward and putting this behind me. Wishing you an easy journey.


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