Really worried after exposure

Hi all,

Could someone please tell me my likely hood and risk in the following scenario. 26 days ago I had a sexual encounter with a final work colleague and unfortunately the condom broke! The entire session lasted no more than a few minutes and I'm unsure when the condom broke. It was only vaginal sex....I will also add that I had great difficulty in getting excited and was semi erect at best during this episode (not that that maters) anyway as soon as I noticed the broken condom I instantly stopped and went and washed myself down. The next day my hamstrings and buttocks were extremely sore I'm guessing this is from something else like the gym. Around 2 weeks later I started to panic about the possibility that I may have caught an std particularly hiv :( I had a slightly swollen throat and my mouth and lips had a mild burning sensation....this along with a spot on my penis was enough to force me to go and get a full Std screen done on day 16 post exposure.......that night I was relentlessly searching the Internet about signs and symptoms of the dreaded hiv. The very same night and for a few nights after I suffered night sweats and my palms and feet were sweating significantly more than they've ever done before....I noticed because of the sweat build up on my phone screen and my socks were very wet to throat was pretty swollen but not visually so swallowing was not difficult but didn't quite feel right!! I wouldn't say my throat was sore at any point....I haven't had a fever if anything my temperature was low at 34.5....I have suffered very mild diarrhoea on one occasion and felt nauseous but not been sick....not at any point has my appetite gone and I've maintained my current weight.....anyway with the sheer panic and anxiety I was feeling I went to a rapid hiv test centre and had a ab/p24 test down at 18 days....all my test to this date negative for everything not a sniff of any stds. The mild night sweats have continued and my palms and feet have improved significantly now on day 26 the only thing I feel is worn out and my legs feel weak but it's by no means debilitating. I've had to odd bit of joint and muscle pain but I don't know how much of this is due to my raised awareness. What's your thoughts? Thanks in advance Craig

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  • I think you got yourself into a bad place through anxiety about the std possibility. The sweating and throat restrictions are prime symptons of a panic disorder ( almost a PTSD). You are clear of any std so deep're OK.....chill out and enjoy life. Take care.


  • Hi thanks for the response...I truly hope you're right 😞. I'm not sweating so much now but I certainly don't feel stomach feels constantly unsteady but I'm eating and not losing weight. I'm mobile but I feel weak and I'm easily stressed out with things. The other worry I now have is the lady involved went for test last Monday and she still hasn't had her results back yet!!!??!? Mine took two working days 😞 She called the clinic and they said results would probably be available Monday. Craig

  • Well...roll on Monday. I feel sure you'll be OK. Honestly, panic attacks can leave their mark for a long time - I've been there. Give it time, Craig.


  • Absolutely hoping for a miracle 👍

  • Also can't shake this nauseous feeling.....I don't actually be sick but my stomach don't feel right 😞