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After ejeculation...body get tremble..and mind react differently..take 2 days to refresh.Due to that unable to think perfectly...gotconfused

I have never done sex still....but i m doing mastrubation from age of 17-18.Allthings was going perfect..nothing is going wrong. But one day i went to doctor for cold problem...n he gives me injection.. After few time i face nervous system.that 8-10 hours was really difficult to me.After that few days later when i do mastrubation....i got unhandled pain in my body and mind...unable to think perfectly..hanged in the different thiniking world. upto this time age of 33 i am having same problem....Due to that thing i got ocd(obessesive complusive disorder) n other unexplainable things happening.My body get trembling after few hours later i do mastrubation...and then i run in different world...where think is totally affected....several things happend which day by day affect my mind pshycology ...and now its that after 2 day i got rereshement.....but several things just like ...confusion...unable to think hanged in some thougths...Just like i run away from god picture in hindu dharma...nudity of gods picture n thoughts never should come is fobia for me.i fill like if a movement happend in penise during god thinking...i know its not happend ..but this fobia contineiously running in mind...24*7.I know this all r the pshycological things...something related to ocd.

Whenever i do mastrubation or normal night sleep ejecuation....i got this things...Day by day this pain afecting my thoughts.. HELP me....i m facing big problem...there are several things happend which is unexplainable.

My vocabulary is not good....english unable to explain things perfectly.i know this msg look idiotic but its happening to me....Help ME.

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Where are u from? What is ur profession...get married..ur problem is solved..