Peyronie's Disease

A friend of mine has Peyronie's disease. I don't know much about it. What causes it? Please share. Thanks.

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  • I developed it after contracting Tb meningitis. Although mine was only about 30 degrees curve it still stopped me enjoying sex. It's a build up of 'plaque' inside the penile shaft.

    I had mine operated on at UCLH Hospital at Nr Euston

  • Thanks. Are you OK now?

  • Well my equipment is functional but I have little sensitivity. Speaking at follow up the nurse suggested that the remodelling of my shaft will take a while to heal fully

  • Thanks. I hope you get the feeling back in your penis.

    Did she say how long for healing?

  • My friend has not said anything about degree of bending or sexual function.

    His wife died last September. He does not want another sexual partner. I am guessing he is not able to have sex. He said it does not matter.

  • It's basically excessive bending of the erect penis due to internal scaring, pretty much regardless of thevcause of the scarring.

    Some men develop after prostatectomy for prostate cancer because of over six months of insufficient blood fliw into the penis (no erections). Some men develop it as a side effect of penile injections to give erections, especially if their technique is poor or they don't press on the injection spot for a while after injecting.

  • Thanks for the information. I am always learning new things in these communities.

  • Is sex possible with Peyronie's? How does it change things? Please share.