Can testosterone restore sexual functioning?

Can testosterone restore sexual functioning?

If a man has a hormone imbalance, testosterone may restore his desire and erections. Most men have enough testosterone, even after age 50 or 60. But low testosterone can lead to low sexual desire and trouble with erections. It can also lead to a loss of energy. If you think you might have low testosterone, it’s important to talk to your doctor. Tests can be done to determine your testosterone level, and you can discuss possible treatment options. Testosterone is not given to men who have had prostate cancer, since it can cause the cancer to grow.

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  • there was some talk a while ago on a different site that not everyone agrees about no testosterone from men who have had prostate cancer--anyone up on the latest research?

  • Testosterone is required externally only when it starts reducing due to aging , otherwise normally it should be available adequate in a healthy man, unless he has any disease . Sexual performance depends on many aspects viz. mutual love /attraction, foreplay time , psychology, desire of partner, fatigue , frequency etc and all varies from time to time. Man is not a machine that if you switch something on,  it will start functioning . Degree of satisfaction, ecstasy of orgasm, ejaculation time all has an effect of psychology/mind and  how much you fantasize all these. It all varies whether you enjoy a smell, enjoy softness, enjoy the lubrication, enjoy kissing or enjoy the looks in the eye of your partner. Actually the response from your partner is the main triggering factor to make you excited even if you have a bit low testosterone , it really does not matter.  Some people like oral when some people may not feel it proper . The values vary from country to country and season to season. Sex is a million year antique mystery within human relations. Testosterone is only one factor.     

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